Prime Yield: updated and accurate market data with CASAFARI


It was 2018 when Prime Yield first heard of CASAFARI. Up until that moment, the property market data in Portugal was spread out through many different websites, some of them not entirely trustworthy.

So, when they were told about a real estate platform that allowed estate agents and property investors to obtain thorough property market analyses in real time, they had to see it for themselves.

After all, for Prime Yield, updated and accurate information is an essential tool for reaching success in the sector, becoming even more important in uncertain times, since it allows data-driven decisions. Let’s see what they think about CASAFARI’s real estate database now.

Data accuracy that makes a difference

CASAFARI is only capable of supporting Prime Yield’s business because it uses big data and artificial intelligence to build the largest real estate database in Europe.

The over 310 million listings, from more than 30,000 different agencies’ websites, property portals, and more, are all cleaned and organised so our clients access solely accurate information. Meaning: CASAFARI provides a 360º trustworthy view of what’s going on in the property market in real time.

And, after carefully curating all the data, we transform it into market insights that can be used for making data-driven decisions.

About the difference that CASAFARI’s data makes in Prime Yields’ work, Nuno Pereira, CCO & Operations at Prime Yield, says: 

“Whether through access to market comparables, which supports our consultancy and property valuation work, through access to information that allows us to regularly monitor the value of a property portfolio or to search what’s available and identify market opportunities, real and up-to-date data will always be a differentiating point in value creation.”

Completeness of the market: why is CASAFARI’s real estate data gold to everyone in the property market?

Besides all the possibilities mentioned by Nuno Pereira, Prime Yield also uses CASAFARI’s APIs, Market Analytics and Property Sourcing.

The thorough market analyses provided by these products are useful for their consultancy services, allowing a clear view of market trends that allows Prime Yield to adjust their services to accommodate their clients’ needs.

The advantages of using CASAFARI’s property data API

Nowadays, Prime Yield is both a client and a business partner of CASAFARI. They benefit as users from our products and count with us to enable more opportunities with leads for their property valuation line of business.

When questioned about what is the greatest advantage he sees in working alongside us, Nuno Pereira stated:

“The handling of the available market data in order to have a rigorous final result is without a doubt CASAFARI’s added value.”

Are you ready to see this added value in your day-to-day activities? Get to know CASAFARI and see how our real estate technology can solve the needs of your business!

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