Relive: enhanced prospection and sales with CASAFARI’s data

Henrique Brás - Co-Founder Relive

Henrique Brás, co-founder of Relive, first got in touch with CASAFARI a few years ago, when he was Sales Director at Century 21. Years later, when he found himself looking for a real estate software, our company came to his mind once again.

Henrique was looking for a technological solution that helped them:

  • monitor Relive’s prospecting efforts;
  • find FSBO leads;
  • conduct market studies.

Let’s see how CASAFARI helps Relive in these tasks nowadays.

Gather property leads and grow your portfolio with CASAFARI

Data as a catalyst for more business deals

Some of the biggest benefits that Henrique finds in using CASAFARI’s products are the access to our data and a detailed monitoring of the property market.

This is only possible due to CASAFARI’s real estate database, the biggest in Europe, that counts with over 310 million listings sourced from 30,000 agency websites, property portals, banks, ibuyers and more. Its exhaustivity helps the real estate professionals to understand what is going on with the market, explain to clients, build selling strategies, find opportunities and more. 

“When it comes to digital, data is everything. Clients won’t make a decision without researching, comparing, calculating. It’s hard to present the benefits of  a real estate consulting service without having data to show. CASAFARI allows us to access this market data, that’s not available without this platform.”

Henrique Brás, co-founder of Relive

How CASAFARI data enables and accelerates real estate deals

Once they have all the arguments in their hands, based on actual and accurate market data powered by CASAFARI, it’s easier to persuade customers and sell their services. But what are the products Relive provides their partners?

They count with the Property Valuation, a tool that finds the closest comparables of a property (based on location and characteristics) to provide the fair market value of this real estate. The report it generates helps estate agents to understand what’s going on in the market for similar properties, allowing them to convince their clients about pricing and selling strategies.

How CASAFARI’s market analysis helps estate agents sell more and faster

They also can use Property Sourcing to search for opportunities on the market and the ideal investments for clients. They also have access to the Property Pages, where estate agents find all the information about a real estate: characteristics, who’s listing it and where, as well as all the full history of a property, including price changes. 

Property history: why is this data priceless to real estate professionals

And, finally, Relive also provides their partners access to CASAFARI Alerts. This tool allows agents to track specific types of properties in a selected area and get notified when new properties that fit their criteria come to the market. It allows them to be the first ones to act on it and grow their portfolio.

Also, CASAFARI Alerts allows professionals to monitor what’s going on with properties in their portfolio, avoiding exclusivity breaches, as well as with their competitors’ portfolios.

4 ways to find property listings for sale by owner with CASAFARI

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