QV S.p.A: data-driven and digital approach for fast growth

Francesco Quaini, Stefano Quaini and Andrea Vignone, owners of QV SpA

Present on the Italian real estate market since 2015, QV was created and is led by the brothers Francesco and Stefano Quaini, along with their business partner Andrea Vignone. In the beginning, the company divided its activities between two different branches: one with the intent of buying, renovating and selling real estate, while the other worked with the touristic sector, managing 40 properties as short term rentals.

In 2021 and after having faced the pandemic, Frances, Stefano and Andrea decided to focus on the recovery of the Italian real estate sector. There and then was born QV S.p.A, with the aim of being the biggest player when it comes to buying large apartments (above 120m²), usually disused or inherited, restructuring and renovating them to make these flats suitable for the current market.

Its digital approach and keen sense of business allowed QV S.p.A to expand: now, they can be found in Lake Garda, Verona, Padova and Milan, soon reaching five more cities, including Rome.

But, as you might already know, in real estate, keeping up with the market changes is key for a business to remain relevant and this is exactly when CASAFARI enters this story.

When searching for real estate solutions back in 2022, Francesco and Stefano found us and decided to listen to other professionals of the sector about our products. Let’s see how CASAFARI is helping QV S.p.A revolutionise the Italian property market.

Finding the market opportunities and identifying profit margins

Buying properties and renovating them is a big investment. In order to make sure QV S.p.A remained profitable and made the best out of each investment, they needed tools that allowed them to access:

  • average asking prices for units to be refurbished and renovated with specific characteristics and in different locations;
  • market price trends and changes;
  • statistics about how fast such units are supposed to sell.

Also, they need to find the best market opportunities, like undervalued properties, those that have been available on the market for a long time and that could benefit from being refurbished.

Yes, you guessed it, this is a job for CASAFARI’s Comparative Market Analysis, Property Sourcing and Market Analytics. With the largest real estate database in Europe and data capillarity, CASAFARI enables QV S.p.A’s professionals to have a 360º clean and organised of the Italian property market.

“We found every possible aspect we were looking for. The power of the platform is crucial for us, especially in the first year of opening a new city. It gives us a pretty good idea of the market in a street, square, neighbourhood, etc.”

Francesco Quaini, Co-founder and CMO of QV S.p.A

How CASAFARI’s market analysis helps estate agents sell more and faster

According to Francesco, after having established itself in Verona and Garda Lake, the company expanded to Milan and Padova and now prepares to take over Bologna, Florence and Trento. In each city, they have at least two professionals committed to extracting valuable data from CASAFARI about those markets, running property valuations both for the acquisition and sale of properties.

And working with data-driven decisions definitely reflected on the numbers: QV. S.p.A expects to close the year of 2023 with ten times more profit than the previous year and a turnover of approximately 8 million euros. “As of today, the company employs 18 people divided between the operational and commercial teams. CASAFARI was our partner during all this growth!”, said the CMO.

What can we say? The pleasure is all ours, we’re glad to be able to participate in the development of QV S.p.A and the Italian real estate market!

The bet of QV S.p.A in digital presence to enhance their business

Very active on social media since 2020, you can find QV S.p.A on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok, with the consistent presence of Francesco Quaini on their videos. All this marketing effort serves multiple purposes that propel their business.

  • Attract new talent: about 30% of their employees followed the company before being hired, already knew them and trusted their work, accelerating the onboarding process.
  • Get closer to partners and investors: in 2022, the company sold 51% of their shares to Federico Bregolato’s holding, a group that is powering QV S.p.A’s growth. Their founder met Francesco Quaini through TikTok.
  • Expanding their brand awareness: their CMO tells us that, by 2024, they intend to reach 200 thousand followers across all platforms. Currently, only on TikTok they count an impressive following of  77 thousand people. The aim here is to target real estate agencies as direct and private sellers as indirect customers.

With such fast growth and successful online strategy, Francesco e Stefano decided to write a book and share their knowledge about real estate investments in Italy.

Published in 2021, in “Investire In Immobili: I Principi Fondamentali che Devi Conoscere per Guadagnare con il Trading Immobiliare, Partendo da Zero” they share their personal experiences, talking about from networking to profit margins. All valuable lessons, especially for those that are entering the sector.

One thing is for sure: the CASAFARI team will be following the brothers online to be the first to celebrate when they reach those goals. Thanks for talking to us, QV S.p.A and Francesco!

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