How to improve your work with AI in real estate

Working with AI in real estate

Technology is here to stay, so the best anyone can do is to use it in their favour, right? And, when it comes to using artificial intelligence in real estate, the interesting thing of using it is that it can help reduce significantly the time spent with simple or manual tasks. 

Let’s see some of the ways that estate agents, brokers and other professionals of the industry can benefit from using AI in real estate in their work.

Use it to write recurrent emails

All clients want to feel like they’re receiving special attention from their estate agent. So, one good measure is to avoid sending the same emails, copying and pasting the content from one client to another.

But, answering emails in a customised manner can take up time, especially if the agent is taking care of many clients at once. And here’s where artificial intelligence comes in handy!

You can use a standard AI for real estate purposes, asking Chat GPT, for example, to write the copy for emails for each of your most recurring situations, such as:

  • Welcoming new clients that approach you;
  • Sending updates about what has been done to promote your client’s property for sale;
  • Booking visits to properties.

You can even ask the AI to rewrite it so you have a few options to choose from, never sending the same message twice in a row. And, if you input some of your client’s information (their name and location of the property, for example), it can even provide you with a highly customised message.

Use it to create surveys

Surveys are useful for many purposes and can help you have a more data-driven approach to your business. Surveys can be used for:

  • Gathering information about what a client is looking for;
  • Understanding how the quality of your work is being perceived with current and former clients;
  • Collecting information from potential clients on your website or social media;
  • Understanding the behaviour of your potential clients and what they expect from a real estate agency;
  • Getting feedback from visitors about a specific property.

And these are just some examples!Now, in order to create all this content, you can, of course, count with the help of an artificial intelligence. Input a briefing letting it know what’s the goal of the survey and it will come up with ideas of questions to be asked and a copy for you to use.

Use it to improve your website

Did you know that you can rewrite the copy of your website pages to include keywords that people search for and that are related to your business? This increases the chances of your website being offered to them as a result of a search on an engine, such as Google, which tends to increase the visits as well.

A quick and effortless way to do so is to use Chat GPT to list keywords connected to your business with high search volumes monthly. After you have them at hand, ask the AI to rewrite the copy of a specific page of your website, positioning the keywords found according to your instructions.

And even if you don’t want to include keywords, you can use an AI in real estate to shorten, improve, create a new website content or rewrite the existing one for branding purposes.

Use it to create content for your real estate social media

There are many reasons for having a social media profile about your business. Here are some of them:

  • Positions yourself as a relevant professional in the sector;
  • Increases your brand awareness;
  • Attracts potential clients to your work;
  • Show the properties in your portfolio to a broader range of potential buyers.

But keeping a social media profile constantly updated and interesting is another one of those tasks that can take up a lot of your time, which is why you should consider recruiting an AI to help you.

Social Media for real estate marketing: A Guide

In order to make this process more efficient and free your time to take care of your clients, definitely think about counting with an artificial intelligence to come up with a list of themes to be covered on your posts and even to write suggestions for the copy itself.

Use it to run property valuations in no time

Making a property valuation manually is a long and tiresome process of searching for similar properties, comparing them in each detail until you come to a conclusion of what should be the asking price of a property. Is a combination of hours of research, market knowledge and professional feeling.

All the more reason to resort to technology, since artificial intelligence in real estate can do it all in minutes! 

Counting on the largest real estate database in Europe, CASAFARI’s Property Valuation assesses the value of real estate that have similar characteristics and locations to provide you with the fair market value for a property.

The report created, that shows which are the competitor properties and analyses about the market, helps estate agents to price their properties competitively, increasing the chances of selling.

The importance of setting the right asking price for a property

Use it to understand the property market

Artificial intelligence in real estate also has the power to help professionals analyse data in bulk to identify market trends that will lead to informed business decisions.

CASAFARI’s Market Analytics is able to evaluate:

  • The stock market availability for properties of a kind;
  • The average time they spend on the market before being rented or sold;
  • The average property prices and prices per square metre in each area of a city;
  • The distribution of properties according to their amount of rooms and price range;
  • How the pricing has been behaving for a type of property across time.

This can help real estate professionals to anticipate changes in the market and strategise their businesses according to actual property data.

CASAFARI Market Analytics: follow the property market trends

Use it to find the right property for your client

AI-powered search engines can help estate agents sort through thousands of listings, applying filters to make sure the results match specific criteria such as location, size, price, amenities, etc. Once again, AI comes to enhance the service provided by the real estate professional and increase productivity due to time saved with multiple searches.

CASAFARI’s Property Sourcing is the solution needed for the job, with over 30 filters that can be applied to over 310 million listings sourced from more than 30,000 portals, agency’s websites, banks and more.

CASAFARI’s Property Sourcing: A How-To Guide

Use it to provide virtual tours to potential homebuyers

When you have foreign clients interested in your portfolio, providing a virtual tour is an immersive way to allow them to visit a property without having to be physically present. They can see their layout, grasp how the space is distributed, check its best features and decide whether they wish to move on to buying or not.

Inside CASAFARI CRM you can find a feature to easily build your virtual tours based on photographs taken from the property, making sure you can broaden your audience reaching clients from all over the world.

3 reasons for you to offer a virtual tour on your property listings

Overall, AI in real estate can be used in a myriad of ways to help real estate professionals to work more efficiently, providing better service to clients and gaining a competitive advantage in the market. 

And this is exactly what CASAFARI does: cutting-edge real estate technology to solve the information chaos in real estate. We provide clean and organised data that enables more and better business deals. What about you: are you ready to start working with AI to enhance your results?

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