4 functionalities of CASAFARI to boost your sales strategy


Technology significantly empowers estate agents to expedite property sales by enhancing their reach, efficiency, and engagement with potential buyers. It allows agents to showcase properties comprehensively, attract a broader audience, streamline communications and provide personalized experiences, just to name a few of the advantages.

Combining different tools can both boost your sales strategy and help you offer a better service for clients, increasing the revenues of your business. Let’s see how different products and functionalities of CASAFARI can help you accomplish this goal.

Property History: understanding the past to ensure the desired future

Have you ever heard the saying that those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it? This is also true for your property portfolio. Learning about the past before selling a property can tell you if the owner has tried to sell – and struggled with it – before reaching out to you, and for how much.

This way, you get an understanding of how this property was received by the market, how to promote it now to ensure a better outcome and how to persuade the owner of your sales strategy.

Property history inside CASAFARI's Property Sourcing

Inside CASAFARI, each property on the market has a specific property page in which the whole historical information can be easily found, since the first moment they were online. Don’t be shy and use all this data to your advantage.

Property history: why is this data priceless to real estate professionals

Favourites folders: organised information for potential buyers

Boosting your sales strategy can also mean creating the means to make selling properties easier and faster without much effort. And, in order to do so, you need to know your property portfolio very well and have it ready to be shown to potential buyers. 

With CASAFARI’s Favourites, estate agents are able to create folders to organise their portfolio per area or typology, for example. This way, you have a more organised view of what might interest your clients, according to their needs.

Also, you’ll be able to create folders with real estate that match the criteria of each of your clients and share a smartlink to the album. The smartlink allows them to navigate through the properties, see the details of each one and select the ones they’re actually interested in. Meaning, you make the buying experience easier for the client and increase the chances of selling a property.

How to benefit from CASAFARI’s Favourites folders

Virtual tours: expanding the reach of your property portfolio

Virtual tours have revolutionised the real estate industry by providing agents with a powerful tool to showcase properties in an immersive and engaging manner. These tours offer prospective buyers the opportunity to virtually walk through a property from the comfort of their own homes – even if these homes are countries away!

This accessibility not only saves time for both the agents and the clients but also allows for a broader reach to potential buyers, including those who may be unable to visit the property in person. By offering a realistic and detailed view of the property, agents can better qualify leads, as individuals get a comprehensive sense of the space, leading to more serious inquiries and reducing the likelihood of wasted viewings. 

This 24/7 engaging open house experience not only attracts more interest but also assists in expediting the decision-making process for potential buyers. And the best news is it can be found inside CASAFARI CRM, for you to promote your property portfolio.

3 reasons for you to offer a virtual tour on your property listings

CASAFARI Connect: partnering to expedite property sales

Another interesting strategy to broaden the opportunities for selling properties is partnering with other estate agents. Collaboration is key to reaching more clients, since it allows agents to leverage each other’s networks and clientele.

Often, an agent might possess a remarkable property listing but may not currently have a client seeking such a property. Collaborating with other agents facilitates the sharing of listings, enabling access to a wider pool of potential buyers who may be specifically interested in those properties. By forming partnerships, agents can cross-promote each other’s listings, enhancing visibility and increasing the chances of matching properties with the right buyers.

This collaborative approach encourages a mutually beneficial relationship where agents can exchange expertise and insights, ultimately providing clients with a more comprehensive and diverse range of options. And it’s all possible with CASAFARI Connect, a tool to build flexible commission sharing rules and allow agents to partner easily and transparently.

Managing partnerships with other estate agents inside CASAFARI Connect

How CASAFARI Connect boosts property deals and who is it for

Now that you know how to take your sales strategy to the next level and how technology allows you to better communicate your property portfolio, it’s time to start working with it to support you! Selling properties couldn’t be easier than when you have all the market data in your hands, right?

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