Property Valuation: how has it evolved and why is this so important for the property market?


Before 2018, this was the reality: doing a Property Valuation was a headache. Today, it is an art that is within the reach of any real estate professional and in record time. 

The process is simple: CASAFARI aggregates complex big data in order to make it accessible in easy-to-read charts, saving hours online. In the end, the real estate professional can make his suggestions or follow the platform’s suggestions. 

Through a complete (and sustained) analysis by the largest number of comparables, you can suggest the best final price to the owner and win him over with the data you report to him. 

This was the issue that led us to Mila Suharev, co-founder of CASAFARI, in charge of product and data. In three short questions, we clarified the importance of this tool and how you can get more out of it, within the CASAFARI network. 

After all, how can we know the estimated value of a property?

Less than half a dozen years ago it was difficult to find the answer to that question. The information was too fragmented and it was necessary to search through all the real estate portals, almost always too long and without success. Another problem was ensuring the veracity and quality of that data. 

As we know, the fair price in the valuation of a property cannot be justified intuitively, it is necessary to have a basis. Therefore, CASAFARI’s big data has brought disruption to the property market. 

Today we are able to optimize this task and collect the real values: CASAFARI has the largest base of comparables, gathering all available real estate data, in the respective market in which it operates: Portugal, Spain, France and Italy – and we don’t stop there. In minutes, it is possible to download a complete report, personalised and adapted to each case.

Is any property valuation tool suitable for this research?

Effectively, no. In order to collect real values and create a report based on market data, it is essential that the platform collects the total number of available assets. And this is not possible by resorting only to the universe of searches within a real estate portal: much more sample is needed, it has to be significant.

Therefore, nowadays, only by accessing CASAFARI’s Property Valuation tool it is possible to extract a report that, more than personalized, is a true mirror of the real estate offer. We are the only company tracking more than 16 thousand sources and 120 million listings every day and growing! 

How does CASAFARI differentiate itself in Property Valuation?

CASAFARI is much more agile in research and collects a very complete history of information, which is gold in the client’s hand. In addition, a marketing price is suggested, in an editable report, with the option to consider single ads or the entire market offer. This is where we differentiate ourselves: there are no European players that collect data using machine learning, as our teams have the ability to do

Thanks for all the insights, Mila!

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