Sacco Real Estate (of eXp Italy): a data-driven approach to the market

Armando Sacco, founder of Sacco Real Estate

Armando Sacco worked in Canada’s real estate market, where, thanks to multiple listing services, the associations of real estate professionals could gather statistical data of all properties on the market. 

Some time later, having created Sacco Real Estate, he started searching for a way to replicate that data-driven approach to real estate in Italy. That’s when he met CASAFARI’s representatives during a convention of eXp Italy and found the tool he was looking for.

Let’s see what our all-in-one real estate software did for him and his company.

The advantages of CASAFARI for Sacco Real Estate (part of eXp Italy group)

Armando tells us that nowadays he uses CASAFARI almost every day, especially our Comparative Market Analysis, our private seller leads features and Market Analytics. 

Finding private-seller leads (FSBO) at a faster pace

Catching new leads to grow their portfolio while still attending to their clients’ every need is a challenging responsibility of real estate agents. Inside our Property Search, professionals can find a filter to gather private seller leads by searching for properties selling solely by their owners. They can even look for properties in specific areas or that fit some criteria.

But that’s not all. Our real estate software also allows real estate professionals to set alerts to specific searches. Meaning, they can be notified when FSBO properties are put on the market, so they are the first ones to act on it.

Understanding the trends of the real estate market

When it comes to Market Analytics, it’s all about understanding the behaviour of the market. It shows trends like:

  • Stock availability per asset class
  • Average time each asset class spends on the market
  • Property prices per area and type of business
  • Distribution of properties by amount of rooms

With that data on their hands and seeing the charts of how each information is changing through time, Sacco Real Estate’s collaborators can strategize their work and the future of the business by making data-driven decisions.

With CASAFARI I get to have that indispensable “geographic intelligence” to get the knowledge of the local market in just a few clicks.

Armando Sacco, broker at Sacco Real Estate (eXp Italy)

Comparative Market Analysis, a time-saving property valuation tool to empower real estate professionals

The amount of tasks that a real estate professional deals on a daily basis is no joke: time is not something that can be spared and every task must be completed effectively. 

The Comparative Market Analysis report is the perfect example of how Armando and his colleagues can count on CASAFARI’s products to save some time with operational tasks. Our property valuation tool avoids a long process of manual searches for similar properties, building an archive of listings and tracking their sales to know for how much should their client’s property be sold for – something that took literally hours!

Our report gets done in a few minutes thanks to the fact that CASAFARI has the largest real estate database in Europe. The CMA looks among 200 million listings, from over 30,000 sources, finds the perfect list of comparables for a property and suggests an ideal asking price.

And, if the estate agent needs help explaining to the client the reason for such price, they can always resort to our Market Analytics, that we just talked about, and to the competitor properties found.

When in meetings to present my services, I always use a Comparative Market Analysis run by CASAFARI and I must say that I always get compliments for the profusion of statistical data presented by me.

Armando Sacco, broker at Sacco Real Estate (eXp Italy)

Results that change the game

If we are talking about the relevance of our real estate software for our clients, there’s nothing better than letting them speak, right?

“I have improved a lot the conversion from first meetings to new clients. I must also add that I get to define an asking price much more aligned with market conditions, avoiding overpricing the properties. If my conversion rate hasn’t reached 100%, it’s very close to it.

In addition, the lead generation too has brought me benefits. I publish monthly an update in video with statistics about the local real estate market on my Youtube channel and I must admit that those are the ones with a higher number of views. From them, I gather more leads, schedule more meetings, convert more clients and, consequently, sell more. What else to say? Oh, yes… All thanks to CASAFARI!”

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