CASAFARI’s Market Reports: the way to data-driven decisions

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The real estate market is a competitive environment in most countries across Europe, meaning there’s no room for guiding your business based solely on experience. This is exactly what our market reports are for: to help you make data-driven decisions, enabling more deals and boosting your business’ results.

There are six kinds of market reports, each one thought out to solve our clients needs. Keep reading to discover all of them!

What are market reports?

Our market reports are analyses of the real estate market, designed to answer a question of our clients. They can be used to further analyze the market our clients are interested in, whether it’s for:

  • See how are their portfolio of properties performing against competitors,
  • Understand the market stock,
  • Growing their portfolio with private seller leads,
  • Connect with other agents or grow their team,
  • Check the performance of one’s competitors,
  • Plan the expansion to a new market,
  • Customize your own analysis.

In general, they can be used for companies that either do not wish to perform their own analyses on our Market Analytics and Comparative Market Analysis or can’t connect to our API, to keep track of the market by themselves. In this case, our team will run the analyses in a timely manner, taking our client’s needs into consideration to customize them.

The market reports can be performed occasionally whenever they are needed or periodically, according to how often your business would like to get this kind of information.

CASAFARI’s market reports: which information they provide and how can they help you

Here is a list of all the market reports you can get from CASAFARI. Take a look and pick the ones most suitable for your needs!

Market Comparables 

This first report compares your properties to its competitors on the market, providing you with a list of comparables, their basic information (amount of bedrooms, condition, location, etc.), as well as statistics based on them, such as:

  • A suggested selling price for your property,
  • What would be the fair market price and the out of market price,
  • Average price for a property such as yours,
  • Average price per square meter,
  • Average time on market for the area of interest.

The Market Comparables report was designed for any real estate company that either can’t connect to our Comparables API or don’t want to make valuations themselves for all the properties on their portfolio. In this case, our team performs each valuation and sends them all the information, saving time and effort.

This report can be created for a large number of properties, so you can valuate your whole property portfolio at once.

Market Properties 

Created for real estate professionals that want access to CASAFARI data outside our application in order to perform their own analyses, this market report provides a list of properties on a market of their choice. 

The list can be customized with over 30 filters, to show every other information found on our Properties API, such as:

  • Status of the property (for rent, rented, for sale, sold),
  • Location,
  • Conditions (used, ruin, very good, new, etc.),
  • Range of price,
  • Amount of bathrooms or bedrooms,
  • Total area,
  • Type of property,
  • Listing agents or agencies.

The data provided can be used as a reference about how the market was on a specific moment or for historical comparison.

Market Alerts 

Are you a professional that wishes to grow their portfolio? The Market Alerts report contains explicit contact information and names of private sellers in an area of interest. It’s tailor-made for you!

The report allows you to save both time and effort in looking for leads: you simply have to get in touch with the contacts found on the list! Another possibility is to keep these alerts for yourself, in case you don’t want to act on it immediately, but would like to have the information at hand.

Agents Report 

This market report gives insight into active agents in a location, providing their contact information. It can not only facilitate collaborations between agents in different areas, but also help agencies expanding into new markets with their team management.

Benchmarking Report

Is your company:

  • trying to understand the competition on a market you work in?
  • Or planning to launch your business into a new market?

Then, you can receive information about your competitors with our report, that counts with data such as:

  • Total sold properties per month,
  • How many of their properties are active, new, sold or went off-market,
  • Price changes for properties of the top 10 agencies,
  • Market share and year-over-year growth,
  • Market size,
  • Estimated market value,
  • Average sales price.

This way you can plan the future of your business and even run realistic projections based on our current data. 

Advanced Market Analytics

Do you need yet another analysis to deepen your understanding about the market and its evolution? We can create a report customized to your needs! Just get in touch with us to receive a study that will allow you to make strategic data-driven decisions for your businesses.

Interested in any of our market reports or wishing to create your own? Talk to your account manager and check how can you get the data you need!

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