The benefits of selling homes in summer

Building being kissed by the sun

The disposition of the visitors, the price, the surroundings, many things can affect the success of the sale of a house, including how it is perceived in each time of the year. While cosy and warm might be key-characteristics when visiting during the winter, in the summertime potential buyers look for attributes such as sunny and ventilated.

But which are the reasons to believe that selling homes in the warmer months is a good idea? What could help you increase the number of interested visitors and seal the deal faster? That’s exactly what we’ll see in this article.

More daylight hours and warmth

Summer has come, the longer days are here and properties look more well-lit than ever. The consequence? Properties that seem wider and more inviting, attracting the attention and affecting positively the opinion of potential buyers.

The warmer weather is also a point to consider. When homes are less affected by the darkness and humidity, visitors won’t be thinking about feeling cold, the appearance of mould or any other problems typical of the winter.

And, speaking of the weather, it also sets the tone for what people are looking for. When the bright days are a reality, outdoor areas seem even more appealing, as well as the proximity to parks, beaches and public pools. This is the moment for the estate agent to thrive, pointing out all these advantages of properties in your portfolio.

You’ll be selling homes when people have time to visit

Traditionally speaking, this is the season when most Europeans are vacationing and their kids are enjoying the summer break. Meaning, even the most busy homebuyers will have plenty of time to visit the properties you have to offer. 

The longer days mentioned before also play a part in boosting the interest, since the visitors can see the houses in all their glory until later in the day.

But the property must be prepared to receive all these potential buyers, right? So, make sure to check the curb appeal and take care of small details to make the first impression the best possible.

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It’s easier to prepare for the moving day

Moving out of a home while dealing with the kids’ school schedule, the parent’s work and all the tasks involved in adjusting to a new place can be tricky. But do you know when these worries are no longer in sight? Yes, you guessed it: during the vacation months.

Not only will the children be free to start a new school year in a new institution if needed, but the parents can make use of their days out of the office as well to pack everything and reorganise their family’s belongings in a new home.

The warmer days are also useful to speed up small repairs and maintenance that might be needed, making sure things such as a new coat of paint dry out much faster than in rainy or humid seasons.

A good opportunity for negotiating prices

Despite spring being a hot moment of the year for selling homes, summer is also a period in which people tend to want to tackle the task of home hunting, since the good weather works as an extra incentive.

But the residents are not the only ones active on the property market during this season, there are also the foreign buyers. If you work in areas that receive many visitors during the summer months, it’s highly likely that there will be tourists falling in love with the city and looking for second homes locally as well.

And, the more people looking for properties, the greater the competition, so the estate agent can even think about slightly increasing the prices to close a better deal for the seller client.

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How to make a comparative market analysis with CASAFARI

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