RE/MAX Aquila: accurate pricing with our property valuations

Emmanuel Capuano, broker at REMAX Aquila

When looking for a property data solution, Emmanuel Capuano, broker at RE/MAX Aquila, looked at his peers as a benchmark. RE/MAX Portugal was already working with CASAFARI, which meant for Emannuel a guarantee of quality and made the choice all the more obvious. 

CASAFARI was the first software of the kind used by RE/MAX Aquila and the opinion of their broker about it is crystal clear: “after a year of using it, we couldn’t do without it”. Let’s see what are the main reasons for such a beneficial partnership.

Property Valuations to measure the market

The biggest advantage that Emannuel saw in using CASAFARI is the possibility of running complete and accurate property valuations. The competitiveness of the market requires accurate asking prices that will speed up the sales, something that can be found in minutes with our Comparative Market Analysis. 

The fierce competition in the market requires agencies to justify their estimates on the basis of concrete, accurate and exhaustive data. Our comparative market analysis solution becomes an asset for speeding up the transaction cycle by drawing on selected comparables and thus defending the pricing strategy proposed by the agent.

CASAFARI’s valuation reports take into account both the location and the characteristics of a property to determine which are its closest competitors and find its fair market value. It’s all completed in very few steps, saving hours of looking at numbers and comparing different real estate manually.

The right pricing will help your clients optimise transaction times while selling at the best price and you to enhance your commissions, as well as making the property to seem interesting rather than questionable to potential buyers.

How CASAFARI’s market analysis helps estate agents sell more and faster

The valuation reports generated by CASAFARI also enable RE/MAX Aquila to draw on a wide range of data, such as the list of selected comparable properties and precise market indicators (average time on the market, average prices, points of interest, etc.) to support the negotiation of the best terms of agency with their vendor clients.

But the question that remains is: are these numbers enough for convincing clients? According to Emmanuel Capuano, they sure are! “When we take on a mandate, the studies presented to clients have a real impact on their decision”, he states.

And that’s exactly what CASAFARI is for: improving the everyday work of real estate professionals to boost their businesses and enable more deals. We’re glad to be able to do it for you and for RE/MAX Aquila as well, Emmanuel.

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