CASAFARI’s products for the real estate appraiser

CASAFARI products for the real estate appraiser

Making a real estate valuation can be a time-consuming task, since there are so many aspects involved in determining the price of a property. In this sense, the more technology speeding up the process and bringing useful information that will deepen the analysis, the better. 

Let’s see which CASAFARI products are perfect matches for the real estate appraiser and how they help these professionals to understand the characteristics of a property and how it’s seen on the market.

Property Valuation: property appraisal based on data

The asking price of a property can’t be defined solely by its amount of rooms or how many square metres it has – it’s rather a combination of multiple factors that lead to a fair value. Information such as the year of construction of the building, the condition of the property, where it is located, how many other properties are there in the market with similar characteristics and how much are they being sold for should also be accounted for when calculating how much one piece of real estate is worth.

And that’s exactly how our Property Valuation tool can help the property appraiser – by showing them how it’s placed on the market, according to its competitors. Our report will compare the property to those with the most similar characteristics, located in the same area, to suggest which would be the fair market price.

How to make a property valuation with CASAFARI

In our Property Valuation report, you will find:

  • Total & Plot area, construction year, floor, orientation and amount of rooms;
  • Condition of the property and energy certificate;
  • Amenities of the property (garage, swimming pool, elevator, storage, etc.);
  • Which are the comparable properties and how much are they selling for;
  • Other details, such as appliances, high ceilings, electric blinds, light exposure, etc.;
  • The price distribution and evolution for similar properties in that area.

Every detail that you may need to finish your real estate appraisal is already there and available for you in a few minutes, which makes our CMA the perfect tool to speed up your work process while still ensuring a thorough analysis of a property.

Comparables API: data tailored the real estate appraiser

If you already have your own tools and methods to go through the real estate appraisal process, that’s not a problem: you don’t need to use CASAFARI’s real estate software to have access to our data. With our APIs, you get to add all the information you need to the system you already work with.

The Comparables API, for an instance, allows one to run comparable market analyses just like the ones from our CMA tool. So, if using a new software is not an option, this API becomes a valuable solution to the property appraiser.

The advantages of using CASAFARI’s property data API

CASAFARI’s Property Valuation and Comparable APIs are here to broaden the view of the real estate appraiser and provide them with data that will allow them to set even more accurate prices to properties in no time. Waste no more time: start improving your work process with CASAFARI!

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