CASAFARI X Colibree – Where Art and “Unreal” Estate come together

Founders of Colibree at their office

We are all “colibrees” in the sense that we all appreciate the art of being free. Colibree is the newest kid in town, known as a “global collective” that has the goal to enhance the quality of life of the real estate agents. In this short interview with CASAFARI, they explain the concept of the brand and what differentiates them in the Spanish market. 

1. Colibree differentiates itself as “UNREAL Estate”. What message do you want to communicate with this concept?

Colibree was born from an impulse. A strong idea. To change the world.

It is not a static brand, it is more like an attitude, a concept.

Making realtors free is our first step. To boost the local economy and redistribute wealth, the second one. Promoting young artists, the third one. Scaling the attitude globally, the fourth one.

Simplify the disruption: love people, art and life.

Unreal Estate is just a distinct approach to the game.

2. Where does the name Colibree come from?

Colectivo libre.

Free collective.

Everyone is free at Colibree.

No timetable, no boss, no reports, no big fake company culture.

3. At what moment does art come together with real estate?

Obviously, there is something romantic there.

Basically, we love art and helping young artists grow is our way to make a contribution.

However, it is the same as your mocha. Or your favourite pillow. Or your children’s photo placed on your night table. You do fill your place with art to make it yours. 

So, we connect people with artists.

We are creating an unusual community: realtors, artists, owners, investors, art lovers… And that’s something we are proud of.

4. Why is it different to work at Colibree? 

Let’s name the “worst” things first:

  • You need to be super professional. No one is going to be supervising your work so you better be your best version.
  • No timetable. Work whenever and wherever you want. Self-discipline.
  • Manage your own bills.

And here are our learnings so far, of why people join us:

  1. Our fair payment policy. We pay more than any other player in the industry. Here, you work for yourself, not for an unknown suited businessman.
  2. The concept of a collaborative network. A lot of opportunities arise when sharing your portfolio with other realtors. 
  3. The atmosphere. We have managed to bring together a lot of good people who enjoy their work.

5. What are the core values?

Honesty, collaboration and freedom.

6. You have chosen CASAFARI as a technological partner on several fronts: from networking to CRM. What do you hope to achieve together?

Since we are growing fast, we need to provide the best tools in the market to our associates. 

CASAFARI will be the digital strength allowing us to grow consistently.

7. For 2022, what are Colibree’s objectives in Spain?

The expected growth goes from 80 realtors to 200.

Our model is focused on people. The more professionals in the community, the more opportunities.

Furthermore, we will soon activate a membership plan which will have an impact on our branding and our connection with our public.

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