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The real estate agent knows that making a property valuation to determine its selling price is one of the most sensitive tasks of working in the real estate market. After all, a wrong choice of values can make the property wait too long for a buyer or cause a loss of profitability for the client, both situations likely to generate frustrations.

Firstly, there is a difficulty in relation to data. In a real estate market with fragmented information and in which the same property appears advertised with different prices, establishing comparisons for the creation of a property valuation can become a headache.

Another problem faced is related to customer expectations. Whether from an emotional attachment to the property or a desire to see their investment bring a return, it is not uncommon for the owner to have an unrealistic view of how much they will be able to charge on the sale or rental of the property. Therefore, it is essential that the agent presents them with the reality of the property market, through data, to manage expectations.

To help you sell more, even in the face of these challenges, understand the advantages of working with CASAFARI to find the appropriate selling price for the property of your client. Discover also how to make a careful and detailed report with our property valuation tool, step by step. 

The advantages of CASAFARI’s Property Valuation

At CASAFARI, we take care to offer the most reliable property valuation possible, taking into consideration the existing stock in the real estate market, the house prices in each area and its characteristics. Check out the advantages of this study.

A localised view of the property market

The selling price of property with sea views in Mallorca will certainly not be the same as being able to observe the sea of Barcelona from the balcony. Just as a property valuation will also not bring the same results for a three bedroom flat in a prime neighbourhood in Lisbon or in the metropolitan area of Oporto.

Therefore, one of the great advantages that the property valuation made by CASAFARI offers is the fact that it considers the specificities of each area. It takes into account localized data, to suggest sale or rental values compatible with the reality of the place where the property is located, which reduces the chances of errors in the valuation.

Selection of comparable properties

The real estate agent knows that a property valuation will hardly point out similar values for a flat with 2 rooms and a house with 5 rooms.

It is also natural that other characteristics add up to make the sale value of a property higher, such as the existence of a lift in the building, the availability of a garage or a swimming pool, for example.

That is why CASAFARI’s property valuation compares properties that have the maximum of characteristics in common, in the same area. This way, the real estate agent is sure they’re offering their client a good proposal, either for sale or rent, according to what the real estate market has available for that type of property.

Fast response time to generate more sales

CASAFARI’s online property valuation can be obtained on our property valuation tool in just a few seconds. Just add the area and characteristics of the property, customize with your company’s details and in seconds you have a document that helps you position your client’s property in the market.

This means that with this analysis , the real estate agent can answer some of the client’s main doubts, reducing the waiting time for communication between the parties. The agility in creating a new property valuation also allows the real estate agent to answer to multiple clients every day, increasing the chances of closing deals.

For the client, CASAFARI’s property valuation also brings gains. By finding the best price for a quick sale, it facilitates placing the property on the market as soon as possible. Thus, the client quickly receives his share in this transaction and can proceed with the investment of this capital.

Customer orientation, with a clear vision of the market

Frequently, the real estate agent will find clients with an optimistic vision in relation to the sale of their property. It may happen that they disagree with the selling price proposed by the professional, believing that it is possible to find interested buyers for a higher value. 

In this sense, CASAFARI’s property valuation is very valuable to the real estate agent. After all, he can offer the client a transparent vision of the market supply, with information on how many competing properties are being sold, how much they are being sold for, where they are located, what are their conditions and characteristics.

This allows the client to know what to expect in terms of values and to view the sale of the property in a realistic perspective.

How to find out the market value of a property: step by step

Check how practical it is for the real estate agent to create a property valuation with CASAFARI.

1. Select the Property Valuation report

2. Set the address of the property you wish to sell or rent

Set the address of the property you wish to sell or rent

3. Set out the characteristics of the property

Select the characteristics of the property, such as the number of bathrooms, whether it is furnished or not and what facilities it has, such as parking spaces, terraces, balconies, etc.

Also, set how many metres away from the selected area properties comparable to your client’s can be searched for. Then, click on “evaluate”.

Select the characteristics of the property you want to valuate

4. Exclude properties, if necessary, from the property valuation

In the central area of the screen, you can set the properties that should be present in your property valuation. You can also add properties that are part of your portfolio, adding their reference number from within CASAFARI.

For each property added or removed, you can see on the left the impact caused in the three values that make up the online property valuation made by our property valuation tool:

  • Selling price
  • Fair market price
  • Out of market

Once you have selected properties, save your Property Valuation.

Exclude properties, if necessary, from the market analysis

5. Customise your report 

Set a name for your report, indicate who the customer is and add comments if you wish. You can also set an image for the property.

Customise your report

Determine if you want to add property market data, such as house prices trends and the average time properties have been on the market, for example. And finally, add a cover or custom pages.

Add a cover or custom pages to your market analysis report

Done! Now you have a Property Valuation created especially for your client. Enjoy this and more advantages of CASAFARI and good work!

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