Rastorfer & Gertig Immobilien more competitive with CASAFARI

Johann Rastorfer and Ralph Gertig, owners of Rastorfer & Gertig Immobilien

Ralph Gertig and Johann Rastorfer, from Rastorfer & Gertig Immobilien, got to know CASAFARI through one of our sales representatives during the Munich Real Estate fair. After an interesting conversation about the functionalities and benefits of CASAFARI’s products for their company, a demo was booked to explore these solutions in more detail.

Let’s see which were the functionalities and possibilities that stood out and convinced Rastorfer & Gertig Immobilien to start a fruitful partnership with CASAFARI.

Optimising their real estate business with CASAFARI

One of the main concerns of Johann and Ralph, owners of the agency, is to constantly look for ways to optimise their property acquisition and marketing. After all, they know the real estate industry is highly competitive and continuous improvement is the way to succeed and face the competition.

In order to do so, they can rely on CASAFARI’s Property Valuation, Property Sourcing and CASAFARI Connect.

The Property Valuation provides property valuations made in minutes. They take into account the property’s characteristics and location to find the closest comparables on the market and provide an accurate suggested market value.

Also, the report provides charts showing the average time spent by such properties on the market, as well as the price evolution and distribution for real estate of the same typology. This precious information can be used both to justify the proposed sales strategy and show the owner why they should pursue it.

CASAFARI’s valuation function helps us to objectively value properties and set realistic market prices. CASAFARI’s valuations and detailed market analyses open up additional opportunities for our company to increase sales.”

Johann Rastorfer and Ralph Gertig, owners and partners of Rastorfer & Gertig Immobilien

How CASAFARI’s market analysis helps estate agents sell more and faster

When it comes to our Property Sourcing, there are two functionalities that caught the attention and became part of the day-to-day work of Rastorfer & Gertig Immobilien’s estate agents. The first one is the possibility of searching for FSBO properties on a specific market: using CASAFARI’s filters the professionals generate targeted leads and optimise their acquisition process, saving time and resources.

In this a win-win situation, the private seller receives professional help to sell faster, while the agency continues to expand its portfolio.

Improve your property search and gather real estate leads with CASAFARI

Another valuable information for the everyday work of the company is the historical data of a property. By being able to see its history, estate agents are able to provide comprehensive information to potential clients, negotiate for a buyer or discuss a selling strategy with an owner. The historical data reinforces the estate agent as a knowledgeable professional in the eyes of clients, building trust between them.

Property history: why is this data priceless to real estate professionals

As per CASAFARI Connect, this is a strategic product to enable more and faster deals. CASAFARI Connect allows buyer’s and seller’s agents to collaborate with transparency, building flexible rules for commission sharing. 

“The decision to join CASAFARI Connect was a logical step for us. The platform offers the opportunity to bring potential buyers and sellers together more quickly. The expanded contacts and resources allow us to close even more joint deals and further establish ourselves in the industry.”

Johann Rastorfer and Ralph Gertig, owners and partners of Rastorfer & Gertig Immobilien

How CASAFARI Connect boosts property deals and who is it for

Finally, besides all the tools that boost their efficiency, one more resource from CASAFARI improved the productivity of Rastorfer & Gertig Immobilien: our customer support. The quick response time and professional support of the CASAFARI team has positively influenced the company’s experience with the platform and reinforced their satisfaction.

This is exactly what CASAFARI aims to do: provide tools that allow our customers to work smarter and seal more deals, while still ensuring that they extract the best insights possible from our products. It was a pleasure to talk to you, thanks Johann Rastorfer and Ralph Gertig!

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