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The real estate market, until a few years ago, has been considered as one of the most chaotic, due to its fragmented and uneven information.

Since 2018, through the use of AI and machine learning, CASAFARI gathers over 200 million listings from private sellers, agencies, developers, banks and auctions, eliminating duplicate information.

At the same time, it brings transparency to professionals who need to know, in real time, how real estate is doing in a particular location. In addition to the cleaner and more complete database, we have applications that streamline the daily lives of all real estate professionals. And this is where CASAFARI CRM comes in.

With CASAFARI data integrated in your real estate CRM, you can access properties for sale by owners, collect precious market data, reliable and in real time. Moreover, you will be able to create complete and accurate Comparative Market Analyses

In this article you will discover what makes CASAFARI CRM one of the most powerful and complete tool in the market and an ally for the real estate professional. From the agent to the investor, passing through banks or asset managers. Who is in the market, wants CASAFARI data and who has our real estate CRM, benefits even more from it. 

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Property Search

With just one click in CASAFARI CRM, you access directly to CASAFARI’s platform. From here, you can see the listings published in real estate portals, as well as all the property details. Without forgetting the great benefit of being able to create and customize alerts to follow all the market updates.

The combination of these two features allows you to be in control of your portfolio, find out which other agencies are selling your properties, identify new business opportunities and get clear and objective information from the real estate market.

In addition, you will have access to the property’s history where you will be able to see all changes in price and status since it arrived on the market until the exact moment it is, as well as the price per sqm, distribution of the sale price and also, time on the market by price segment.

Do you have a potential client interested in a certain property, but you don’t have it in your portfolio? Collaborate with other agencies, through Smartlinks, without leaving your real estate CRM: 

  • Choose from all the properties available on the market that match your client’s profile
  • Select the source you want to work with
  • Streamline the process of buying and selling properties

This way you never run out of product for your clients. 

This precious information included in CASAFARI CRM allows you to find the ideal property for your client in a few minutes, know the movements of the competition, control your portfolio and access the largest database of properties in Europe.

Private Properties

Prospection is one of the most important tasks for a successful real estate business.

Only with CASAFARI CRM you can have complete visibility on all new properties that enter the market for sale by the owner, in real time.

In your real estate CRM, you just need to define the responsible agent for each location and, with just one click, you have the possibility to transform these opportunities into leads. This is the power of information updated in real time: the possibility to increase multiple times your network and the consequent achievement of business.

The management of these leads is done in a fully dynamic fundraising funnel, whose phases can be customized by the real estate agency, without leaving your CASAFARI CRM.

This is why who uses CASAFARI CRM saves time. Nowadays, a task such as prospecting, which would take hours to accomplish, can be done through an alert on our data platform. Any market movement is now under your eyes. And with CASAFARI CRM, the whole process is even more agile, because it’s all integrated into a single platform, which also exists as an APP, so you can take it with you on the road.

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Comparative Market Analysis 

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) allows you to calculate the estimated market value for a property at a given moment by analysing comparable property values in a given area.  In minutes, you get a personalized CMA report with the most accurate market information provided by CASAFARI data and customized to your image and company branding.

Create an CMA report inside your CASAFARI CRM or directly in the APP.

For each property that is included in your portfolio, you can get:

  • an approximation of the fair price of the property 
  • the average number of listings for this property
  • the average price per m²
  • the average market time

In the APP, simply put the property address or use the GPS coordinates of your current location and indicate the main data and characteristics of the property to obtain a complete CMA report.

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CASAFARI’s CRM integrated data allows you to keep control of your property portfolio. With them, you can get an overview of the market, find out which other agencies are selling your properties and analyse data that influence the purchase and sale of properties, in real time.

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