DoveVivo: capillarity of data and their choice for CASAFARI

Davide Ravalli, Head of Growth of DoveVivo Group

When the DoveVivo Group was looking for a partner to power their lead generation for real estate across all countries they work in, a shared investor presented them to CASAFARI.

And, after getting to know our products, the company realised we could help them not only with getting more real estate deals, but also with their business strategies. Let’s see what DoveVivo Group had to say about it!

Data exhaustivity as the key to understanding each market in detail

Currently, the DoveVivo Group works with CASAFARI’s tools for two different goals: increase their lead generation for real estate, as we said before, and also to deepen their market knowledge.

With our Property Sourcing, Market Analytics and Property Valuation, they have an up-to-date and comprehensive view of the property market, allowing them to stay on top of trends and ahead of the competition, reacting faster to market movements.

But this is not true only for a specific market. DoveVivo’s services are present in 40 different destinations, from multiple countries across Europe. This means that the company needed a real estate software that worked for them in many markets – exactly like CASAFARI!

“Nowadays, CASAFARI covers almost all countries of our interest and is developing in those where DoveVivo already operates: this meets the needs of our many business lines, in the various countries where we are present”, says Davide Ravalli, Head of Growth of DoveVivo Group.

All this capillarity is only possible because CASAFARI is the largest real estate database in Europe, with over 200 million property listings and from 30,000 sources, including estate agencies’ websites, property portals, bank auctions, ibuyers and much more. This allows our clients to take a deep dive into a specific city or area without ever running out of data.

By working with our data, the real estate professional gets a 360º view of a desired property market, in a transparent and organised manner. And the DoveVivo group can now see it for themselves.

“Working with CASAFARI allows us to have updated and real-time data at our disposal: this is a great advantage to save time and effort, due to the speed and capillarity in which the data is collected.”

Davide Ravalli, Head of Growth of DoveVivo Group

CASAFARI is here to support DoveVivo’s expansion and do for them the same as we seek to do for all our clients: enable more business deals and power their operations through insightful, data-driven information. Welcome to CASAFARI, DoveVivo Group, we’re happy to have you on board!

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