Trencadís Real Estate: better results in less than 6 months with CASAFARI CRM

Trencadís Real Estate, a company with a successful partnership with CASAFARI CRM

Trencadís Real Estate already had previous experiences with platforms for real estate management, so when they started searching for a new partner, they had clear intentions.

“We were looking for an easy and intuitive tool that took care of all our daily needs. From the lead management to their follow-up, exporting properties, a useful calendar, filtering information, all these requirements were met by CASAFARI CRM.”

Andrés Fayos, Managing Director at Trencadís Real Estate

Now that you got this spoiler and know how successful our partnership is, come and see which are the biggest advantages that Andrés and his team found on our real estate CRM.

How CASAFARI CRM boosts the daily work of Trencadís Real Estate

When asked about how our technology changed the day to day of Trencadís’ agents, Andrés had an answer at the tip of his tongue:

“CASAFARI CRM is the perfect tool to manage, control and optimize our efforts. It helps us to be more efficient and, as a consequence, more productive. The lead management, the follow-up, the monitoring of the response time and control of all information about a client is vital for our daily work.”

Andrés Fayos, Managing Director at Trencadís Real Estate

According to the Managing Director of Trencadís, CASAFARI CRM goes beyond just capturing the new leads, but helps the business to significantly improve their quality and management, which is positive for all parts involved in the sale of a property.

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Besides the management possibilities, our real estate CRM also saved time in the daily journey of Trencadís’ agents:

“We can do much more in less time and this is fantastic both to increase our sales and to provide a better service to our clients.”

Charo Iglesias, Sales Director at Trencadís Real Estate

And what about the most valuable functionalities of CASAFARI CRM for Trencadís? Charo highlighted a few aspects.

“The usability is really intuitive. The calendar, the funnel for the leads, the log of visits, the possibility of having all the information in your hands, as well as the gathering of statistics, are all of great value to the company. Being able to have different user profiles, export properties straight from the CRM, manage acquisitions or automate processes is wonderful.”

Charo Iglesias, Sales Director at Trencadís Real Estate

And this is not all. Every real estate business has its own goals, so monitoring the company’s performance is also vital – and something our real estate CRM can help you with. 

“Being able to set monthly and annual goals in a way that every person inside the business is aware of them and can follow them through the application is something that helps us achieve the desired results, both individually and collectively.”

Andrés Fayos, Managing Director at Trencadís Real Estate

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The effect that CASAFARI CRM had in the sales of Trencadís Real Estate

With all this positive feedback, we can say that our real estate CRM passed Trencadís’ test with flying colours and keeps delivering what their team needs to improve their workflow. And when it comes to the numbers… Well, let’s hear what Andrés had to say:

“When it comes to numbers, and considering that we’ve only been working with CASAFARI for six months, I can say that we were able to manage over 6,500 leads in a timely manner.”

Charo Iglesias, Sales Director at Trencadís Real Estate

Also, let’s not forget that CASAFARI CRM isn’t only a great platform to boost your business, we are also proud of how we take care of our partners, always in close touch and willing to help. 

“Everything I said before, along with a kind and close team, excellent in their work and that always helps us to clarify our doubts and use the platform to its full potential has made us very satisfied with having changed to CASAFARI CRM.”

Andrés Fayos, Managing Director at Trencadís Real Estate

This kind of recognition is priceless to us because one thing is for sure: CASAFARI values the trust that our clients put on us. Are you ready to be part of this team? Increase your performance on the real estate market with CASAFARI CRM!

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