5 reasons to try CASAFARI CRM’s free plan

CRM Free Plan

An excellent option for agencies in the beginning of their real estate activities as well as for independent agents, CASAFARI CRM offers a free plan that allows you to enable more deals, reach your goals and be aware of every aspect of your business.

Get to know five good reasons for you to experiment with the free plan of our real estate CRM.

1. It makes all your tasks easier

With CASAFARI CRM, you get to improve your lead, client and property management, centralising all the information of your business in a single tool.

It will help you stay on top of every email, call or visit, following your contacts through the sales funnel and making sure no client’s needs are forgotten or left behind.  

2. CASAFARI CRM strengthens your online presence 

With CASAFARI CRM’s free plan, you get 10 different professional templates to choose from and set up your website in no time. The process of customising them to your brand is quite easy, as well as the uploading and editing of your content. 

Another interesting feature is that you can manage your promotional banners within our CRM, this way you can choose what to highlight on your real estate website according to your business’ needs.Having a website for your company to be found online not only increases your credibility and enhances your digital presence, but also helps with your lead generation.

Enable more deals with CASAFARI CRM

3. It helps you reach an international clientele

Foreign investors looking for investment properties may be an interesting kind of client to speed up your sales, especially if they are in places with higher purchasing power. So, if you’re interested in attracting these clients to your property portfolio, our free plan can also give you a hand with it. 

With the free plan of CASAFARI CRM, you can export your listings to the main international property portals at once, immediately expanding your audience and attracting potential clients.

CASAFARI CRM: Get to know the Free Plan

4. It provides you with statistics about your work

By looking at the most relevant KPIs for their business, an estate agent or broker is able to understand if the company is growing, whether there is potential for increasing the revenues in the future, recognise opportunities, find out what to improve and figure out if they are getting the desired results out of their efforts.

That’s why CASAFARI CRM provides statistics about your company, allowing you to look into:

  • leads per origin;
  • clicks on the website;
  • customer acquisition;
  • actions, events and tasks generated.

These numbers will allow you to work strategically and reach your goals faster.

CASAFARI GO: Real estate prospecting made easier

5. It’s really for free

A professional tool for you to keep the business going, track results and expand your audience is a must have: it organises processes, stores insightful information and helps you change the course of your efforts. But, if you’re beginning your operations on the property market, it’s only natural that you wish to have access to all the advantages of a real estate CRM at the lowest cost, at least for a while.

That’s when the free plan of CASAFARI CRM comes in handy: you learn how to use a thorough real estate CRM and understand how the tool improves your daily work at no cost at all! 

And when your business grows, worry not! You’ll always be able to upgrade your free plan to the other possibilities that CASAFARI CRM offers to clients.

Trencadís Real Estate: better results in less than 6 months with CASAFARI CRM

Summing up, CASAFARI CRM Free plan allows you to save time on your work, broaden your potential clientele, make your brand more noticeable and work strategically, all of it for free! Convinced? Get in touch with our team and start using CASAFARI CRM’s technology to enable more deals for your business!

Enable more deals with CASAFARI CRM

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