Remax Sfera and the choice for CASAFARI

Luca Ferrara, Recruiting expert at Team Costa Ferrara, Remax Sfera

When they first got in touch with CASAFARI during a convention of their company, the team Costa Ferrara, part of REMAX Sfera, had a very clear objective. They wanted to be ahead of the competition when it comes to approaching private seller leads: after all, being the first to get in touch with the client increases the chances of sealing the deal.

So, now, let’s understand how we could help them in this mission.

Concentrating efforts with CASAFARI

As you probably already know, our Property Search gathers over 200 million property listings, coming from over 30,000 sources, among agencies’ websites and real estate portals of all sorts. This means that our product has the largest real estate database in Europe. Basically, any property available can be found inside CASAFARI.

So, here enters the first advantage of our platform for Remax Sfera: they don’t need to look anywhere and everywhere to be informed about what’s new on the market. This is a huge time-saver for a team like Costa Ferrara, that searches daily in our real estate software for this kind of information.

“CASAFARI aggregates the listings of all the main real estate portals, saving a considerable amount of time.”

Luca Ferrara, Recruiting expert at Team Costa Ferrara, Remax Sfera.

Remax Sfera and the access to more property leads

But that’s definitely not all. With our Property Search, Remax Sfera is also able to filter the data to find the best opportunities as a way of increasing the company’s revenues.

One of our most relevant options, and one that fits perfectly with team Costa Ferrara’s needs, was the FSBO filter for private seller leads. Basically, it allows you to find properties published solely by the owners or those that are listed both by the owners and an agency.

Once they access this information, it’s all about getting in touch with the owner and letting them know why their professional help is needed.

You guessed it: yes, there’s more! Having access to it all is already great, but we also need to give Remax Sfera the chance to be the first ones to do so, remember? Introducing CASAFARI Alerts, a feature that literally notifies you when a new FSBO property was put on the market. Getting new clients was never that easy!

Basically, all team Costa Ferrara has to do is to search for those properties of interest. Then, by clicking on a single button they can set an alarm and be informed when there is a new property available that fits those criteria. They can set up to 200 alerts per account.

And, of course, the conditions can include the fact that they’re FSBO. Meaning, they have everything they need to gather more property leads at a faster pace!

Property Valuation: data-driven property valuation

But finding the property lead doesn’t mean the deal is sealed. Actually, this is just the beginning of the work! That’s why Remax Sfera chose to work with our CMA as well.

There are many reasons why our market analysis help estate agents sell more and faster. But here’s a spoiler: our property valuation calculator provides an accurate asking price for each property, based on a list of the closest comparables. Meaning there’s no intuition involved, it’s all calculated having in mind which are the competitor properties in the market.

This analysis, done in seconds, follows a powerful calculation: great data accuracy + plenty of comparables to work with = empowered estate agents, able to negotiate with the client and sell properties faster.

Having all the data about the competitor properties in their hands allows estate agents to show their clients that not only they understand the market very well, but also that they have a solid strategy to bring their clients the results they look for.

The perfect combination to boost team Costa Ferrara’s deals!

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