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This year is the 45th anniversary of Portugal’s 25 de Abril Revolution, when the country overthrew the Estado Novo regime and became a democracy. Dia de Liberdade – ‘Freedom Day’ in English – is celebrated every year on April 25 and Lisbon’s famous San Francisco-style suspension bridge is even named after this important date.

As we approach one of the country’s most important days of the year, we’re putting our CASAFARI area guide spotlight on Portugal.

’25 de Abril’ – a Portuguese national holiday

National pride will be strong this month and you can expect a variety of exciting events and activities across the nation. In the north, Braga will ring in the historic day with a city-wide bell concert taking place in a number of churches, orchestrated by Spanish musician Llorenç Barber.

Meanwhile, Porto will see a victory march take to the streets, with thousands of people expected to take part. But first, Portugal’s second city will host with a nighttime concert and spectacle of fireworks in Avenida dos Aliados square, starting on April 24 and carrying on past midnight.

National pride is certainly strong on one of the country’s most important days of the year.

On April 25, Lisbon will have its own Freedom march in Avenida da Liberdade. The colour of the annual parade is carnation red for the flower that symbolises Portugal’s peaceful revolution.

Oeiras is in the midst of a three-month long celebration that began in March and won’t end until May. An ongoing exhibition entitled ‘When we change a country, the country changes with us’ is just one of the municipality’s commemorations.

The 25 de Abril Revolution is a momentous day for this proud and patriotic country, and for those considering property here, these celebrations show off the best of Portugal.

Portugal property prospects

Portugal has long been a hotspot for holidaymakers looking for sea and sunshine, but it’s increasingly on the radar for international property buyers. And with everything the country has to offer from Porto to Portimão, it’s not hard to understand why.

Beachside homes in the Algarve may be what most people think of when they consider living in Portugal, but in fact the urban centre of Lisbon was recently named the number one choice for foreign real estate investment. The city’s antique charm and simultaneous youthful spirit makes Lisbon stand out as a European capital, and interest has rocketed in the past few years.

Portugal’s second city, Porto, is the other urban hub that international property buyers are flocking to. Close to the Douro valley, Porto is known for impeccable wine and a cosmopolitan identity that is beautifully distinct from the Portuguese capital.

There are, of course, excellent coastal properties that can be found in the Algarve or even one hour away from Lisbon in Cascais. Or for those looking for calmer rural lifestyles, Bragança district and Lisbon surroundings offer unmatched tranquility.

As part of the Non-Habitual Residence (NHR) tax regime, international buyers looking to invest in Portugal have some incentives to do so. Likewise, non-EU internationals are eligible for the ‘Golden Visa’, a scheme that can be granted to those planning to invest more than €500,000 in Portuguese property.

For more information, head to our area guide for detailed information and essential property information about cities, districts and neighbourhoods in Portugal.

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