Revaluto: leveraging data to promote a renovated property market

Matteo Rossetto, CEO Revaluto

Revaluto is a real estate portal created with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the process of finding, buying and revaluing properties through the use of data and artificial intelligence. It differs from other platforms because it focuses exclusively on properties for sale in need of revaluation and/or restructuring. 

What a good idea, right? Returning newly renewed properties to the market for the development of the real estate sector in an objective, practical and useful way.

The company also stands out in the Italian property market by instantly providing users information of a great added value in each ad, such as estimated renovation costs, before/after previews and recommended finishes. It’s truly a plus for both estate agents and buyers alike.

But in order to properly estimate how much a property would appreciate after being renewed, Revaluto needed something that CASAFARI excels in: easy access to a large and accurate real estate database. Let’s see how this partnership developed and how CASAFARI enhances the quality of Revaluto’s work.

CASAFARI and Revaluto working together for improved property listings

Owner of the largest real estate database in Europe, CASAFARI assisted Revaluto to overcome its primary challenge of sourcing property listings in the market. By seamlessly leveraging CASAFARI’s Alerts API market data, Revaluto gained instant access to an extensive database, tracking and supplying property listings from their partner real estate agencies.

This integration significantly streamlined Revaluto’s process, enabling them to showcase the potential of properties through rendering potential renovations. With the data obtained from CASAFARI, Revaluto’s AI generated visually captivating renditions of potential renovations, enhancing the appeal of listings to potential buyers.

This innovative approach empowered prospective buyers to envision the possibilities of a property, thereby increasing engagement and facilitating a deeper understanding of the property’s potential value post-renovation. 

When asked about which are the main advantages of working CASAFARI’s API, Matteo Rossetto, CEO of Revaluto, had no doubts:

“By having access to a database of useful and structured data for our ‘AI engine’ we were able to scale our real estate portal faster. The main advantages are the speed and updating of the data used, which allows us to keep real estate listings always synchronised with the market and exhibit our customers new listings on the platform every day.”

And only two months later, the results have already started to show!

Before CASAFARI the onboarding of agencies and the analysis of property listing data was linked to a complex study system managed by Revaluto’s team of internal analysts. It took a whole lot of time and effort!

Now, they went from 15 listings to being able to analyse over 1,000 listings per day, a 100-fold increase in speed that allowed their analysts to focus solely on improving the company’s internal rating system. It was exactly what Revaluto needed to grow from a local to a national business in just a few days. Next step: a pan-European company.

Way to go, Revaluto! We’re proud to be part of your endeavours and eager to keep providing you with the best market data in Italy to support your data-driven growth! 

Are you interested in integrating the cleanest and most complete real estate database to your tool or property portal as well? Get in touch with us to explore all there is and get instantly updated data from the property market you work with!

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