Real estate brokerage: 4 ways in which Market Analytics boosts your business

Views of CASAFARI Market Analytics for Brokers

Sell more properties, challenge the competition, expand the business and improve the credibility of your brand: brokers are always looking for new and better ways to enhance the productivity of the business in this competitive market that is real estate.

To accomplish that mission, there is no way of ignoring technology: powerful tools can and will bring you powerful results as well. And, of course, this is what CASAFARI is all about: enabling more deals in real estate through clean, transparent and organised data – the foundation on which every successful business bases its decisions.

So, in this article, you will learn more about CASAFARI Market Analytics, a tool with multiple and advantageous uses for the real estate brokerage. Starting with…

It supports decisions for the real estate brokerage

First and foremost, the broker is responsible for thinking about the future of the agency – where it’s going next, how many people they will need to hire in order to expand, how they are going to tackle the competitors, etc. None of these decisions can be made without a clear understanding of the property market and its movements.

With CASAFARI Market Analytics, real estate professionals can answer questions that are essential to the brokerage tasks, such as:

  • Is there enough demand on the market to open an agency in a specific area?
  • Is there an increase in supply or in demand in an area of the city where I work or to where I wish to expand my business?
  • Are there promising places in the city, to which I could try to expand my business?
  • How will the trends in property prices in the area where my agency is present affect my clients?

CASAFARI Market Analytics: follow the property market trends

Being able to make informed decisions and plan ahead will not only allow brokers to redistribute agents throughout the city and open new agencies, which is for sure important for the real estate brokerage process, but it will also allow them to work with a realistic idea of how much profit can be expected in an area. Data becomes a vital input for sustainable growth.

It enhances your consultancy services

Oftentimes, brokers also provide consultancy to property investors looking for expanding their portfolio. CASAFARI Market Analytics is also immensely helpful in this sense, since it can:

  • Find favourable price fluctuations and see where are they happening in the market;
  • Understand what is the average price expected for a property with X characteristics in a specific market;
  • Find the best opportunities when price fluctuations aren’t favourable, identifying the outlier properties that have been put on the market below the average price.

Having CASAFARI, the largest real estate database in Europe, to back up with data, CASAFARI Market Analytics presents a clean, 360º vision of what’s going on with the property market in an organised way, allowing professionals to make conclusions and act on it.

Real estate broker: tools for better results with brokerage

It helps qualifying buyers

Another frequent occurrence in real estate agencies is the following: the client comes looking for you with the will to acquire a property, but is unsure about a location or a type of asset. There’s a second version of this story where the client has the means to buy a property, but is insecure about spending all that money without knowing if the deal is going to be profitable.

Here’s where CASAFARI Market Analytics can help you: once again, it gives your client an overall perspective on the market, letting them know where to invest and what to expect in terms of prices per area and making them feel at ease with their decisions.

How CASAFARI changed the day-to-day work of REMAX Medicea

You can even use its data to make your own comparisons between areas and draw conclusions, finding out with the time series tool, for example, that a place that’s inexpensive at this moment has been appreciating and will be much more valuable in the future. Once the insecurities have been dealt with, you will have well-informed clients, ready to buy properties. Show them the portfolio of your agency and increase your revenues.

It improves your content marketing 

You know those clients that approached your agents looking for a three-bedroom apartment in a nice neighbourhood that you work with, but for some reason never got to buy a property? Monitor the market movements and send them an email campaign when price fluctuations are favourable for them to seal the deal! 

You can even send them a list of outlier properties, letting them know how much is the current average asking price in the area so they can see how much less they would pay for these pieces of real estate.

Another good idea is to show your list of contacts which areas are increasing in value in the city, so they are convinced to invest in a place that’s definitely appreciating in the near future.  Also, think about exploring market data on the social channels of your business, showing how knowledgeable your agents are about the market you work with to enhance your credibility

Follow the property market trends with CASAFARI

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using CASAFARI Market Analytics’ data to create content and remind your potential clients why they should contact you to find the best property for them.

See? Our tool is useful for real estate brokerage for many different reasons and all of them can put you one step closer to achieving your business goals. Waste no time: subscribe to CASAFARI Market Analytics and stay on top of the competition.

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