How CASAFARI changed the day-to-day work of REMAX Medicea

Andrea Maria Rossi, broker of REMAX Medicea

Andrea Maria Rossi, broker of REMAX Medicea, was at a convention of the company when he first got in touch with CASAFARI. When he saw how our platform could help their estate agents with all their daily tasks, it became clear that their agency could benefit from using this product.

Nowadays, all the collaborators of REMAX Medicea, use daily our Property Sourcing, the Alerts feature, our Property Valuation for property valuations and Market Analytics, to better understand market trends.

Even Andrea profits from the use of our all-in-one real estate software: usually, he uses it once a day and saves over an hour in his daily tasks, just by having the proper technology. So, let’s see why CASAFARI adds so much value to real estate professionals such as Andrea.

How REMAX Medicea stays updated with about the market with CASAFARI

When asked about the main advantages of using CASAFARI’s real estate software, Andrea says: “it allows me to monitor the changes in the local market because I can see in real time the exact number of properties for sale and their details”.

This happens mostly because our Property Sourcing works with the largest real estate database in Europe: we gather more than 200 million property listings, from over 30,000 sources, like real estate portals and websites of agencies. The real estate professional literally can search through every information about the market, from all properties. Not too shabby!

Also, with our Alerts feature, real estate professionals can choose criteria to look for and get notified when properties that meet their criteria are put on the market. This way, the estate agent is always as much updated as they can get.

When it comes to Market Analysis, our property valuation calculator provides an ideal asking price for each property, based on the competitor properties existing on the market.

Our tool searches for those properties with the highest number of common features in the same area, so sellers know who they’re competing against and make data-driven decisions about pricing. Also, the instant reports created in this tool empower estate agents to strategize a sale and negotiate with clients.

Finally, among CASAFARI’s products used by REMAX Medicea, there’s also Market Analytics. This product offers the user full knowledge of market trends and behaviour, with information such as stock availability, property prices per area, increases and decreases through time and more.

These kinds of data can be used by the broker of the agency to understand what’s coming and make strategic decisions for the business. And, of course, it’s useful also for estate agents, that get a 360º view of the market, allowing them to advise real estate investors and home sellers to close deals faster.

Other than all the benefits listed above, Andrea also points out that CASAFARI is intuitive, with easy access and fast results for all operations running in the real estate software.

“CASAFARI has helped me because it provides innovative tools that allow me to enhance my work.”

Andrea Maria Rossi, broker at REMAX Medicea

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