Real estate asset management: CASAFARI’s products to boost property investments

CASAFARI's products for Asset Managers

Real estate asset management is not an easy service to provide: it involves staying updated with the property market to check for where the best yields are, keeping a close eye on the performance of clients’ investment properties, deciding when it’s time to sell assets, finding new opportunities for portfolio growth and much more.

There’s no way this can be done effectively and at a fast pace without a proper real estate software that transforms data into insights. So, without further ado, get to know CASAFARI’s products for asset managers.

Find the best investment property for your client

One of the main tasks of an asset manager is to advise property investors, in a sense that they help their clients invest in real estate with higher margins of profitability. So, for better real estate asset management, you need a 360º view of the property market and what’s available on it.

So, here is where you can find the first reason to choose CASAFARI: we have the largest real estate database in Europe, with over 200 million listings, coming from 30,000 sources such as banks, auctions, developers, iBuyers and more. Everything and anything that’s available can be found in our products.

This information can be shown to you in a few different ways. 

By using the technology of a powerful Property Sourcing

Inside our real estate software you can find Property Sourcing, a tool that makes your property search much more efficient. It allows you to:

  • Refine your search with over 30 different filters,
  • Write or draw on a map the area of the market you want to work with,
  • Share links of properties,
  • Add properties to Favourite folders,
  • See all the characteristics and past history of a property,
  • Check the average asking price, market stock and time on the market for the property’s asset class.

Inside the Property page, dedicated to each property, you can also see all its characteristics, its full history as well as an estimated rental yield based on accurate comparables, all pieces of information that help the asset manager to decide whether to buy a property or not without having to visit it.

Our search engine provides you with an organised way to look into the market and select exactly what’s worthy looking at, speeding up the process of finding investment properties.

Improve your property search and gather real estate leads with CASAFARI

Properties API

All the information of our Property Sourcing can also be seen inside the platform that you already use. Our Properties API does exactly that: allows you to use CASAFARI data without having to change your working habits and tools.

Properties Market Report

Our Properties Market Report provides you with an updated list of what’s available on the market, with all the characteristics, information and asking price of each property. With this material, you will be able to run your own analyses without the need of accessing our real estate software or any other platform.

By setting alerts to save time on real estate asset management

Finding the market opportunities doesn’t have to be a time consuming, manual task. With CASAFARI Alerts you get to set automatic notifications that let you know as soon as a desirable property is put on the market.

You can define a group of characteristics and an area to look for and our tool will send you an email when anything that matches these filters is found.

It also allows you to:

  • act fast and buy a property for your client before any other investor finds it,
  • easily find properties for sale by the owner, meaning the property investor wouldn’t need to spend extra cash with real estate commissions.

Gather more property leads with CASAFARI: get to know Alerts

Alerts API

If you don’t wish to use many different technologies to perform your work as an asset manager, worry not: our Alerts can be placed inside the platform you currently use as well.

Alerts Market Report

Another way of finding interesting investment properties using CASAFARI’s data is through our market report, which sends you a complete list of places for sale by their owners in an area.

Valuate your client’s property portfolio and any potential investment property

If there’s one rule when it comes to caring for your client’s property portfolio, this rule is: keep it profitable. Meaning, real estate asset management involves constantly monitoring how the properties are appreciating or depreciating, to decide whether the time to sell an asset has come.

Another reason why property valuation is important for the real estate asset manager is related to growing the property portfolio, as you know. You want to make sure that the investment property is priced according to the market average, avoiding purchasing overpriced properties.

In order to do so, you need CASAFARI’s Comparative Market Analysis.

Comparative Market Analysis, your valuation made in minutes

Add the characteristics and address of your client’s investment property on our tool and it will find the closest comparables, all with similar attributes and the same location. Based on the competitor properties available on the market, our report will also provide you with a suggested selling price, a fair market price and an out of market price.

Another relevant piece of information is regarding the market behaviour. Our market analysis report brings charts about:

  • the price evolution of properties in this location across time,
  • the time spent on the market for properties such as this, per price segment,
  • the average prices and prices per square metre for properties with these characteristics in the same area.

You can also see the gross yield for all the competitor properties and the average rental yield for a property with the selected characteristics, so you know what to expect in terms of rentability and understand if a specific property is profitable or not.

All this data can be used both for you to know for how much an asset should be sold and to make sure an investment property will be bought for a fair price.

How to make a comparative market analysis with CASAFARI

Comparables API

If you wish to look for comparable properties and run property valuations for your clients without accessing our real estate software, here you also have the possibility of using our Comparables API in your own system.

The advantages of using CASAFARI’s property data API

Comparables Market Report

On the other hand, if you’d rather not run dozens or hundreds of valuations manually, the CASAFARI team can tackle this task for you.

Our Comparables Market Report matches your clients property portfolios with what’s available on the market, listing competitor properties, suggesting an asking price for your clients’ assets and helping you to decide whether they are increasing or decreasing in value. This report can be done for big amounts of properties at once, saving your time and effort.

Informed decisions for a better real estate asset management

CASAFARI also provides information about the property market trends and behaviour, allowing the asset manager to:

  • understand the reasons behind the asking prices,
  • define in which areas of the city the property investors should invest in,
  • decide whether your clients should or shouldn’t sell assets.

This data can be found through a couple of our products.

Market Analytics, the way to understanding the property market

Our Market Analytics is divided into three different views, that will show you:

  • the distribution of prices across the city or an area,
  • the distribution of prices according to each asset class,
  • a time series that shows how the market’s behaving throughout the time for an asset class in an area.

You will find information such as the stock availability average asking prices, along with a chart about the price distribution on the market to see underpriced and overpriced properties. This will allow you to get a full understanding of how the supply and demand of real estate are influencing the prices for property investments, as well as finding which investment properties can be bought for less and which would need to be negotiated to decrease the price.

CASAFARI Market Analytics: follow the property market trends

Advanced Market Analytics report

In case you need to go deeper into one specific market, understanding how many properties are being sold or get any other output that may help you decide whether to buy or sell properties in an area, then you can require an Advanced Market Analytics.

Our team will take a deep dive into the topic you need clarification on and create a tailor-made report to answer your questions.

CASAFARI’s Market Reports: the way to data-driven decisions

Are you interested in using CASAFARI data and technology to take your real estate asset management to the next level? Then, waste no time: subscribe to have a complete view of the property market, find profitable opportunities for property investors and make data-driven decisions.

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