CASAFARI GO: Real estate prospecting made easier

CASAFARI GO, a new feature of our real estate crm for prospecting clients

When working with real estate, prospecting is no easy task. After all, finding the right person, at the right time and showing the right property is a challenge. If the client is not sure about the transaction, is not willing to talk to an agent at the moment or the property doesn’t fit their needs, the whole process goes down the drain.

In addition, estate agents usually have very busy schedules and, when they’re not with clients or showing properties, there are many other operational tasks to take care of. So, making the space on their calendars for finding new clients could be hard.

And, since we’re aware of these difficulties, CASAFARI CRM decided to give you and your agents a hand with prospections: we launched CASAFARI GO.


This is a new feature inside your CASAFARI CRM app that will allow you to centralise and organise all the prospecting efforts of your team in an easy way. 

While the agent walks through the city in the afternoon, they could hit “go” on CASAFARI Go to find out which properties being sold by private sellers are on the way and call their owners immediately. 

Benefits of CASAFARI GO for real estate prospecting

Ok, but why does CASAFARI GO change your agency’s results prospecting-wise? Let’s see.

Gamification that encourages consistency

By creating a healthy competition among estate agents of the same group, CASAFARI GO brings back prospecting to their weekly tasks and grants the consistency that the business needs to grow.

Organised real estate prospecting process

With CASAFARI GO, the agents can keep track of which routes they have already covered and keep notes about private sellers or properties that they want to approach in the near future.

And, if they see a for sale sign on a property, but don’t have the time to act on it, there’s no problem: the agent can add a photo to the system to use later, when they are ready to seal the deal.

This way, no opportunities are forgotten or left behind.

It helps finding the best prospecting routes

A simple look in the map will tell the estate agent which are the areas in which they work that most concentrate properties for sale by the owner.

By choosing the most promising paths, the agents will come across multiple opportunities, even if walking just a few minutes. Less time spent + more business opportunities = increased productivity!


CASAFARI GO ready to help an estate agent to grow their portfolio

Approach the potential client armed with information

When the agent sees a property being sold by a private seller inside CASAFARI GO, they have access to the original listing. This means that the agent approaches the private seller already aware of what kind of property this is, its main characteristics and for how much it’s been on the market.

Another interesting possibility is running a Comparative Market Analysis for the property being prospected. Without having to change apps, the agent gets to show the owner a suggested asking price that’s true to the market, competitor properties in the same area and statistics about how the market is behaving for real estate such as this.

Full integration with your sales funnel

By the end of each run in search of new properties, all the information about the opportunities created can be found on CASAFARI CRM. Meaning that the agents need only one click to add the new clients they gathered to their sales funnel.

Easily tracked results

Every time an agent starts prospecting, they hit “go” inside CASAFARI GO and track the routes through which they will pass. Every new opportunity is registered on our platform and added to the statistics.

So, inside CASAFARI CRM, it’s possible to see all the routes covered by each one of your agents in a selected time range, statistics about them and how many business opportunities were created with CASAFARI GO.

Both the agency and the agents can benefit from an increase in leads and revenues, while the company can even consider distributing awards or financial incentives to those with the best results.

Sounds amazing, right? And it is!

CASAFARI GO was designed to help every estate agent responsible for prospecting and is available for Plus and Premium plans. Interested in subscribing to CASAFARI GO? Get in touch with your account manager to activate this powerful feature.

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