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Braga has just been voted one the Best European Destinations 2019. Coming in second place – beaten only by Budapest – Braga finished ahead of major capitals such as London and Paris in the survey taken by European Best Destinations.

Almost 60,000 people voted for Braga in the category of Best European Destinations 2019 and it’s not hard to see why. The city is thought to be one of the oldest in Portugal and has plenty of charm in that respect. The cobbled streets of the city centre, paired with the distinctive Roman architecture, give the impression of walking through a piece of perfectly-preserved history.

Braga was the only Portuguese candidate within the top twenty, and it missed the number one spot by a mere three thousand votes.

European Best Destinations highlighted Bom Jesus do Monte, a stunning monument with a sensational viewpoint, as being one of the main draw cards of Braga city.

As for the district of the same name, which is made up of fourteen municipalities, it is the quaint countryside that attracts most people to visit and even to stay for a while. Here, many expats choose to settle down, enjoy the great quality of the life and build the familiar relationships with locals that you just can’t get in bigger cities.

braga European Destinations casafari metasearch

Photo by Donald Judge via Flickr

Braga district is where you can find other notable cities such as Barcelos and Guimarães, the latter of which is known for the being the birthplace of nation of Portugal. Those who move here tend to appreciate the calm, relaxed pace of life here, as well as the culture, the food and the mesmerising history.

In terms of property here, the offering in Braga district is at the lower end of the price scale when compared to the rest of the country. Second home buyers will be glad to know that their money will go further here towards affording them excellent quality of life.

Read more about Braga district and see real-time property prices in our area guide.

Feature image by François Philipp via Flickr

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