How to monitor competitors in real estate with CASAFARI

Monitoring competitors with CASAFARI

In the fast-paced world of real estate, staying ahead of the game is non-negotiable. Imagine having the power to effortlessly monitor your competitors, gaining unparalleled insights into their strategies and actions. With CASAFARI, this is not just a dream—it’s your reality.

Monitoring your competitors is crucial to benchmarking your performance, refining your strategies, and seizing opportunities for growth. By analysing their every move, you can identify opportunities for improvement and refine your own business practices.

In this competitive and ever-evolving industry, keeping a constant watch over your competitors can be overwhelming and time-consuming. CASAFARI helps you with this task by automating the tracking of critical information, ensuring you stay informed without sacrificing your productivity. Let’s see how. 

3 CASAFARI products to monitor your competitors

CASAFARI Alerts and tracking of portfolio changes

With Alerts, you’re able to get notified every time a competitor agency adds a new property to their portfolio or a change occurs in a property they already had. This vigilance helps you identify potential opportunities or threats on the market you operate, giving you a competitive edge and time to readjust business strategies.

Alerts inside CASAFARI

Be the first to act: stay Ahead of the competition with CASAFARI Alerts

It is also possible to track your own portfolio, getting notified when one of your properties is listed by another agent and making sure no exclusivity clauses are breached.

Property Sourcing and view of your competitor’s properties

Want to see all properties in a competitor’s agency portfolio? Our Property Sourcing tool gives you the option to filter and see what’s listed by an estate agent.

Filtering by properties of a specific agency inside CASAFARI Property Sourcing

The Property Search Solution For Real Estate Professionals To Unlock Opportunities

Favourites: adjusting your selling strategy according to the competition

Another possibility inside CASAFARI is to create folders in your Favourites area to monitor your competitors. It will track if properties that compete against yours are increasing or decreasing in prices, allowing you to consider if you need to adjust your strategy so you don’t lose clients or sales to them.

Now talking about monitoring your own properties when working without an exclusivity agreement, you can use your Favourites folder to be aware of decreases in the asking price of properties in your portfolio, made by other listing agencies. This way, you can approach the owner and make sure you are able to sell the property for the same price, ensuring a fair competition.

Monitoring the competition inside CASAFARI's Favourite folders

How to benefit from CASAFARI’s Favourites folders

Use technology in your favour to monitor your competitors and stay ahead of the game: subscribe to CASAFARI to boost your business strategy!

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