Belle Estate GmbH and the confidence in pricing thanks to data

Isabelle Vorsdellen, Founder of Belle Estate GmbH

Isabelle Vosdellen, founder of Belle Estate GmbH, came across CASAFARI on Linkedin and decided to get in touch with our team. She sought a tool that had an independent and reliable database, with as broad a dataset as possible, to help her with one of the hardest tasks of estate agents: establish the fair market price of properties. 

But Isabelle wanted the whole package! Besides providing a tool, the company she chose needed to be a real business partner and count with a competent and dedicated customer service team. 

Well, what can we say? Challenge accepted! Let’s see what Isabelle has to say about the union of Belle Estate GmbH and CASAFARI.

A complete solution to boost the business

After a meeting with our team, Belle Estate GmbH decided on a suite of our innovative solutions to make her day-to-day activities easier and bring in new deals. “The daily notifications of changes in the market, in the properties that I chose and the market analyses help me stay up to date and prepared for business”, said Isabelle.

One of the products that Belle Estate GmbH has now access to is our Lead Magnet, a tool focused on catching leads effortlessly by providing a free property valuation for people interested in buying, selling and renting. As Isabelle tells us, the main advantage of using Lead Magnet for her business was the ability to promote automated interactions with her potential clients.

“I generate my leads myself and remain independent of lead sellers. In addition, customers approach me, which makes starting conversations about buying property much more relaxed. Now, my homepage offers a nice added value for visitors.”

Isabelle Vorsdellen, Founder of Belle Estate GmbH

Another chosen one was CASAFARI Connect, a solution that promotes partnerships between real estate agencies and allows transparent commission sharing to enable faster deals. Isabelle looked at CASAFARI Connect and saw a product that brings a new strategic approach to her business.

“The market has changed a lot. Brokers who are well connected in these times definitely have a big competitive advantage, there is a chance to sell quickly. This, in turn, increases the reputation with the client and can ensure follow-up businesses.”

Isabelle Vorsdellen, Founder of Belle Estate GmbH

But what about the property valuation tool she was looking for? Belle Estate GmbH counts with our Property Valuation to receive accurate suggested market prices for properties in their portfolio. These numbers are found through an analysis that takes into account the closest comparables, both in terms of location and in characteristics.

And, as you probably know, proper pricing based on data-driven reasons is vital to selling faster, something that is beneficial both to the client and to the estate agent. 

“CASAFARI gives me confidence in my pricing. Thanks to a high density of comparative data and also the possibility to make property-related adjustments, I have the well-founded arguments on my side when in front of owners and prospective buyers.”

Isabelle Vorsdellen, Founder of Belle Estate GmbH

After all, was the result of this partnership all Belle Estate GmbH needed? When asked what was the positive impact of CASAFARI in their daily work, she answered:

“Basically, CASAFARI gives you security in your own decisions and statements. In addition, you can deliver reliable data quickly and safely. This is a good way to score points with customers.”

Isabelle Vorsdellen, Founder of Belle Estate GmbH

We’re here to support the business decisions and enhance the credibility of the work of our clients, such as Belle Estate GmbH. Thank you for the trust, Isabelle! We’re proud of our partnership and long live Belle Estate GmbH!

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