5 things estate agents need for efficient prospecting

estate agent on a prospecting meeting

As we always say, the list of tasks of the estate agent is not a short one. Between finding the right properties for their clients and potential buyers for the properties in their portfolio, they also need to make sure that their business keeps on growing.

But, when real estate prospecting is done without preparation or method, it can take much longer than it should and become something disruptive in their workday.

Here’s a list of needs for estate agents to prepare and deal with their prospecting efforts, in order to ensure the best performance possible in this process.

Have a list of private sellers in your area of activity

If you’re going to stop all your other tasks and get out of the office to start prospecting, you might want to make this time count, right? So, the first thing you will need is a list of private sellers, their properties and addresses.

An intelligent measure would be to try to group private sellers located in the same area, so you can create a smart route and approach as many people in the same day as possible.

Be prepared to convince the private seller

As you know, solely showing up and talking about your interest in helping them sell their properties is not enough, even if you have a very strong pitch. But data, though, will change the game for prospecting.

Before talking to a private seller, a good practice is to study the property for sale so you understand how the market is for that kind of asset (for example, how long does a property like that spend on the market) and gather the arguments that will be defining in your pitch.

You can prepare all this background information by running a property valuation with CASAFARI’s Comparative Market Analysis and checking on the evolution of the property market with Market Analytics in just a few minutes. 

How CASAFARI’s market analysis helps estate agents sell more and faster

Register all the information about the leads

After approaching the private seller, they might be willing to immediately seal a deal with you or not. Either way, you need to keep track of what you discussed, their concerns and goals, whether to start working on selling their property or to follow up with them in the future.

Remember to take notes (or even photos!) about the property, the client’s expectations, their contact information and everything else you need. Later, and pass it on to your CRM, in order to have them mapped on your sales funnel.

Measure your results

Do you know how many private sellers turned into real clients in the past month? Do you have an idea of how many private sellers you’ve approached monthly in the past year? Are these numbers increasing or decreasing?

These are the questions that you should be able to answer in order to understand the importance of your prospecting efforts to your business. Keeping track of your results is what will show you if the time you spent has been worth it, if your business has been growing or even if you should dedicate more time to this activity.

Work with tools that will enhance your business

What if I told you that you could have it all (the lists of sellers, the notes, the measurement, etc.), without spending too much time on it? Here’s where technology comes in handy!

CASAFARI GO is an innovative mobile application that revolutionises the prospecting efforts of estate agents. It will:

  • Plan your prospecting routes, to maximise the efficiency of your itinerary with all the private sellers around you;
  • Show you all the information about each property you will try to add to your portfolio, through an integration with CASAFARI data;
  • Collect your notes and photos at each stop;
  • Seamlessly integrate with your CRM, to automatically add the information about leads and clients to your funnel.

All of it with a user-friendly interface, both for mobile app and desktop.

Prospecting route of an estate agent inside CASAFARI GO

But that’s not all! Remember what we said about measuring your outcome? 

CASAFARI GO’s advanced analytics and reporting features allow you to do just that. You can track your team’s progress, from agents’ itineraries and distances travelled, to measuring the number of opportunities created and closed.

And, for the brokers, it’s also possible to analyse and compare stats by agent or team, seeing a clear picture of your team’s results with easy-to-read reports and visualisations. This data-driven approach includes gamification features that foster healthy competition between agents, which acts as a significant motivator.

Measurement of prospecting efforts inside CASAFARI GO

Are you ready to take your prospecting results to the next level? Then you need to make sure you have the right tools to do so! Get in touch with us and discover all the possibilities of CASAFARI GO!

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