Real estate commission sharing: build flexible rules in CASAFARI Connect

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CASAFARI Connect is a very handy feature for estate agents: it allows you to partner with other professionals in shared property transactions. This way, you can always rely on another agent to help you when a client is looking for a property that you don’t have in your portfolio. The client finds what they’re looking for and are satisfied with your work, while both you and the partnering agent share the commissions of this deal.

Basically, by using CASAFARI Connect you can find the perfect place for your client or a buyer for your property much faster, sealing more deals and increasing your commission earnings.

And to make CASAFARI Connect even more complete, our latest release brings more possibilities in commision rules for each type of shared deal, to make it even easier for you to shake hands with other agents.Let’s see what changed.

What’s new with our real estate commission sharing possibilities?

Since some companies have more than one set of rules regarding establishing partnerships, CASAFARI now offers more flexibility to share the estate agent’s commission and work alongside another professional on a property deal. 

Each company will be able to set several rules, to ensure that different scenarios are covered when CASAFARI Connect is used.

Internal and external rules

Inside our commission rules builder, CASAFARI clients have the opportunity to define rules for both internal and external shared deals. Internal rules are applied to properties negotiated within your own team, while external rules refer to those transactions in which professionals from other agencies or franchises are involved.

It may be interesting to your business, for example, to promote a real estate partnership among professionals of the same franchise that work in different areas of the city, making sure the estate agent’s commission is split within the same company. If this is true to your business, inside CASAFARI you can define a set of rules that work solely for internal property deals, with special conditions.

And, of course, you can still define the ideal amount that your company should earn when sharing deals with other brands, whether it’s in a percentage or in absolute terms.

A “handshake” to generate more real estate deals: meet CASAFARI Connect!

Rules based on the property price

Your company will also be able to define rules for the estate agent’s commission on partnership deals based on the price of the property. The percentage of the total selling price that becomes the total commission and the split between selling and buying agent  can be automatically changed and calculated for properties that are below, above or equal to X euros, a value to be determined by you.

You can add or remove rules in a fast and easy way, making sure the whole company follows the same pattern. Check the video to see how does our commission rules builder work:

The details of the commission sharing rules that a property is subjected to can also be found on the property page, available for estate agents to check before they request a deal.

CASAFARI Connect evolved to provide you with a complete and flexible experience when it comes to spreading the real estate commissions involved in a property deal.

When and where can the company set the rules of your real estate commissions?

When the agency is joining CASAFARI Connect, the person appointed as administrator of your account is able to set all the real estate commission rules needed for the daily work straight on the joining flow. If you’ve already been using this feature, then all the administrator needs to do is access the Company Profile in the settings section and personalise the rules.

If the administrator doesn’t set any rules, then the default split is based on 5% of the selling price, with 50% for the buying agent and 50% for the seller, for all properties on the portfolio.

CASAFARI Connect FAQ – quick answers for your most common questions

More privacy about the estate agent’s commission in deals

Often, the amount of commission a selling agent is earning from their services is a delicate matter that they do not like to disclose. As such, another new feature for CASAFARI Connect is that this information will not be shown to the buying agent and will only be visible to the selling agent, the latter being the only one with an overview of the deal. The buying agent will only have access to details about their individual commission.

Now that CASAFARI brought real estate commission sharing to a whole new level, are you ready to boost your revenues? Waste no time: get in touch with your account manager to activate  CASAFARI Connect for your company or subscribe to CASAFARI right away!

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