Mariatomasa and the impressive results with CASAFARI CRM

The Mariatomasa team

When Mariatomasa found CASAFARI CRM, the company had a clear goal: they aimed to integrate the management of the entire life cycle of property sales and rental management, including the efforts to deal with documents, the legal and tax areas.

Now, there is no shortage of results that this partnership brought. So, without further ado, let’s see which are the main advantages of CASAFARI CRM to Mariatomasa and how choosing our software for real estate management changed their business.

The advantages of CASAFARI CRM for Mariatomasa

There are many functionalities from CASAFARI CRM that enhanced Mariatomasa’s business, such as its capacity to export listings to property portals, a powerful feature to help promote your portfolio locally and internationally.

“It works perfectly, especially when it comes to Fotocasa (imports in real time, in a range of 15 minutes) and Idealista (exports in cycles of 2 hours). The export management tools are easily assimilate and allow us to quickly solve publication problems or implement dissemination restrictions.”

Ricardo Devis Botella, Managing Director of MARIATOMASA Group

Reaching international property investors with CASAFARI CRM

Ricardo also talked about Smartlinks, a link in which estate agents can gather properties of interest of a client and send it to them through a Smartmail so they are nurtured with opportunities in the market.

“Smartlinks are extremely easy to send and replicate by assigning it to the sending agent, thus creating a consistent and efficient experience. Smartmail is more of the same: semi-automated emails that properly maintain the relationship with our clients and owners.”

The separation between the administrative-commercial management on the Web and the operational mobile management through the app, the ease of assigning leads already refined by the CRM, the semi-automatic profiling of clients and owners, the sales and acquisition funnels, these were just some of the benefits that Botella saw in working with CASAFARI’s tool.

Even the website of Mariatomasa was positively impacted by CASAFARI CRM’s functionalities. In this case, they profited from our templates to create something that truly expressed their brand.

“The property management is impeccable, with elegant designs and a very professional finish, far from the overly functional and unfriendly templates of other portals or CRMs.”

After all, CASAFARI CRM allowed Mariatomasa’s estate agents to close deals faster, work smarter and unburden the company.

Enhance your business with CASAFARI CRM

Numbers don’t lie: the results of working with CASAFARI CRM

Not only did Mariatomasa reach their goal with our software for real estate management, but also they did it with flying colours. “The commercial management and integration systems have been advantageously replaced by CASAFARI CRM”, says Botella.

The first level in which we can find these advantages were the amount of time that our platform saves in their day to day managing activities:

“In the year that we have been working with CASAFARI CRM, we have quantified the structural savings (administrative-commercial employees) at 78% and a saving of 83% in management time in commercial tasks of agents.”

The need of sending emails for regular administrative or commercial procedures was also diminished by 73% with the help of the instant allocation of leads and automation of subscription emails with new properties, contributing to the aforementioned time saved with daily tasks.

But these were not the only impressive figures! They also saw:

  • a 43% reduction in real estate asset management and salary costs to support agents;
  • an increase in overall agent satisfaction by 66% over previous management platforms;
  • 32% reduction in external document management;
  • elimination of integration software and extreme reduction in support accounts.

This is definitely what a successful partnership looks like, right? 

Wish to improve your real estate management and see the results as well? Follow Mariatomasa’s footsteps and subscribe to CASAFARI CRM!

Enhance your business with CASAFARI CRM

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