Location Intelligence Widget: enhanced property listings on your website

CASAFARI's Location Intelligence Widget

At the beginning of 2024, CASAFARI presented you with the Location Intelligence widget, a feature inside our property pages that shows the points of interest in the surroundings of a property as well as commute times and options.

But after its success and growing popularity, we thought: why not provide something similar to enrich our client’s websites as well? And here’s the result!

Location Intelligence Widget on your website

Picture this: Enriching your property listings with a touch of magic that captivates potential buyers from the moment they lay eyes on them. With this groundbreaking tool, you can now weave narratives around properties, showcasing not just their features, but also the vibrant surroundings.

The Location Intelligence Widget was tailored for real estate website owners and decision-makers seeking to enhance their listings and provide valuable information to potential buyers.

But that’s not all! This tool can also help real estate portals to differentiate themselves by offering comprehensive location insights to their audience and basically anyone with properties listed, including agencies looking to maximise the appeal of their properties.

Location intelligence widget provided by CASAFARI for real estate businesses to add to their property listings

Benefits of providing location intelligence to your customers with our widget

Our Location Intelligence widget offers a range of features designed to enhance the browsing experience and provide valuable insights to your customers:

1. Getting detailed information on amenities in the vicinities of a property

Our widget provides an interactive map that allows property seekers to navigate intuitively through all points of interest around a property.

Also, each listing is enriched with a list of essential amenities and attractions, such as proximity to metro and bus stations, nearby schools and natural attractions, access to pharmacies, hospitals, supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants. Basically, it’s a full view of an area.

2. Help customers understand how their daily commute will look like

Users can easily determine the time it takes to travel to key-destinations defined by them on the go, whether the commute is by foot, bike, car or public transport. 

It’s also possible to visualise reachability by foot and vehicle with heat maps, providing valuable insights into how far you can go with each transportation option and into the accessibility of an area. 

3. Analysing the desirability of an area in a glance

In this upcoming feature of your widget, your customers will be able to see scores for locations based on various factors, aiding them to make informed decisions when buying, selling or renting.

4. Easily come up with compelling property descriptions with AI

Also coming soon, real estate professionals will be able to generate descriptions for properties effortlessly with our AI-powered feature, saving time and resources while maximising the appeal of each property listing on your website.

Adding our widget to your real estate listings is quick and hassle-free. It takes just 10 minutes to embed it – integrate the snippet code – into every listing in your portfolio. And the best part is it’s a flexible solution, accessible to businesses of all sizes, no matter how many listings they have.

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