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Combination of a tranquil lifestyle and stunning views of the cityscapes

Everything you need to know about looking for a La Salut property

With a name that literally translates to “The Health”, it’s perhaps no surprise that many locals and expats alike are on the search for a La Salut property! This neighborhood that belongs to the Gràcia district provides the chance to enjoy laid-back living while still being within easy access of the city center.

La Salut forms part of the larger Gràcia district, alongside the Vila de Grácia, Camp d’en Grassot, El Coll, Gràcia Nova, and Vallcarca-Penitents. It sits to the south of the Carmel and Rovira hillsides, and just above Vila de Gràcia and Gràcia Nova. The districts that border the Gràcia district include Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Eixample, and Sagrada Familia.

To get to the Barcelona airport from La Salut by car, it takes just under half an hour. You can also reach the airport by bus, train, or metro. All take about half an hour as well from the city center.

La Salut Property: the essentials

La Salut forms part of the Gràcia district, well-known for both locals and expats for its rich offerings of cultural activities and great places to live. The district’s overall population of expats sits at about 15%, with the level here a bit lower a 12.1%. The tranquil lifestyle and pleasant location make for a winning combination.

The best-known location in La Salut? That title goes to Parc Güell, the fantastic park designed by Antoni Gaudí. The star of the show here is the plaza, with its undulating bench covered in his signature “trencadís” tiles. A lesser-known local favorite is the Mercat de Lesseps, full of the freshest ingredients you can find in the city. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities around Travessera de Dalt.

What can you expect from a La Salut property? Many have picturesque locations on sloping streets that lead up to the Carmel hillside. This means that you can find La Salut property with stunning views of the cityscapes, particularly the nearby Gràcia district. The best ones of all feature large terraces, perfect for enjoying the nearly year-round Mediterranean sunshine.

What’s the La Salut neighborhood like?

Locals and expats alike love La Salut for its charming streets, easy access to parks and gardens, and location. The location is just far away from the city center to be private, but just near enough that all the main attractions are close by. The neighborhood’s population from abroad tends to come from Italy, France, and Germany.

This neighborhood is best known as the home to Parc Güell, a park inspired by English garden cities and designed by Antoni Gaudí (also the architect behind the Sagrada Familia). But this isn’t the only sight in the neighborhood. You can also visit the Real Santuario de San José de la Montaña, a stunning neo-Romanesque church with some modernist details.

But back to Parc Güell. This also provides the green lung of the neighborhood. The park features many trails for biking, jogging, and running, as well as plenty of space to simply walk and enjoy the sights. Behind the La Salut neighborhood, you’ll find the Carmel hillside. This is famous for its park with former anti-aircraft bunkers. Today, they provide some of the most breathtaking views of the city.

For those looking for serious art, there are two neighboring areas to check out – the Vila de Gràcia and Sarrià. Both feature plenty of places to go shopping for new art, or simply to find out who’s new on the Barcelona art scene. One particularly good spot to find art galleries is Verdi street. Here, you can find many up-and-coming artists showing their wares.

Living local in La Salut

La Salut provides a handful of good eats, and it’s near some of the city’s top dining opportunities. One is the curious Lata-Berna de Juanjo, a quirky restaurant with excellent tapas and traditional Catalan cuisine. A short walk away, you’ll find Botafumeiro, a classic seafood restaurant with a long-standing reputation for serving first-class dishes.

Every neighborhood in Barcelona holds its own “Festa Major” (literally “big party”) sometime during the year. These family-friendly events are free to the public, and a wonderful chance to watch local traditions in action. The neighboring Vila de Gràcia holds the biggest of these in mid-August.

There are many reasons that La Salut has become a favorite for locals and those from further ashore alike. Considering looking for a La Salut property? See what’s on offer right now to get an idea of what living in this area of Barcelona could be like.

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