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A trendy neighborhood keeping its local feel


Vila de Gracia Property: An In-Depth Look

If you ask a local where the best place to live in Barcelona is, many will tell you the Gracia district. This area of the city brims with personality and features a bohemian spirit all of its own. Owning a Vila de Gracia property puts you at the centre of it all, in a  popular neighbourhood with lots to do.

Vila de Gracia’s location forms part of the lower end of the Gracia district. This part sits just above the Eixample district and next to the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district. It’s also surrounded by the other Gracia neighborhoods – Camp d’en Grassot, El Coll, Gracia Nova, La Salut, and Vallcarca Penitents.

Travel time to the Barcelona international airport from Vila de Gracia is approximately 25 minutes by car or taxi. You can also get there via bus, train, or metro. The journey for all three takes about 30 minutes from Plaça Catalunya.

What to Expect from Vila de Gracia Property

The Vila de Gracia neighborhood boasts the combination of a central location plus vibrant neighborhood life. The area attracts a population of locals and expats alike. Overall, the Gracia district houses an expat population of nearly 15%. The Vila de Gracia neighborhood has slightly more than average, at 18.3%.

The most central point of the Vila de Gracia district is the Plaça de la Vila de Gracia. This square provides a central hub for residents to meet up. The neighborhood hosts many pretty squares and scenic streets. The most coveted Vila de Gracia property sits near the middle of the district, though there are plenty of good spots to buy here.

What can you expect to find in a Vila de Gracia property? Many of the properties here feature charming traditional details. Some areas of the neighborhood have newer properties, and many have been beautifully restored.

Why People Choose Vila de Gracia Property

Vila de Gracia property offers much to enjoy. This neighborhood used to be a separate village, but today forms part of Barcelona itself. The area has a reputation for being a great place to find art galleries and local designer shops, as well as plenty of bohemian bars and restaurants. The population from abroad living in the Vila de Gracia primarily comes from Italy, France, the U.K., and Germany.

Many locals love socializing in the neighborhood’s many squares, including Plaça de la Vila de Gracia, Plaça del Sol, and Plaça de la Virreina. The area also hosts plenty of streets for shopping and dining opportunities, including Gran de Gracia, Carrer Verdi, and Carrer Asturias.

The Vila de Gracia neighborhood’s location sits near Gaudí’s fantastic Parc Güell. This expansive park features many areas for jogging or cycling, as well as vantage points from which to enjoy views of the city. You can also head to Passeig de Sant Joan, a semi-pedestrian avenue with plenty of room for enjoying some fresh air.

This part of the Gracia district is well-known for its booming art gallery scene. On and around Carrer Verdi, you can find plenty of galleries to peruse, including Galleries H2O, El Diluvio Universal, and La Monalisa Gallery. You can find another cluster of galleries where Gran de Gracia meets Diagonal at the lower end of the neighborhood.

Living Local in Vila de Gracia

Well-known for its many dining opportunities, good restaurants abound in the Vila de Gracia. One of the best-known is Botafumeiro, a Galician seafood restaurant with some of the city’s freshest fish. You can also enjoy eating at Roig Robí, Lata-Berna de Juanjo, or one Michelin star awarded Hofmann.

One of the most highly-anticipated moments of the year in Barcelona happens in the Vila de Gracia. That’s the annual Festa Major de Gracia, a week-long celebration involving concerts, food, activities, and lots more. The festival takes place in mid-August every year.

Does the sound of a Vila de Gracia property sound good to you? It might be time to start looking for your future home. Many locals and expats alike hold a special place in their hearts for this neighborhood, and for good reason. Why not take a look at the sort of homes you can find in this part of Barcelona?

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