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The heart of the city centre retaining its own feel

The essential guide to Camp d’en Grassot property

If you’re looking to buy a home in Barcelona, why not consider Camp d’en Grassot property? This area of town is a slice of the Gràcia district that sits between the heart of the neighborhood and the Sagrada Familia area. Just above and away from the hubbub of the more central areas, it’s peaceful while still being near plenty of attractions.

Camp d’en Grassot’s location is to the north of the Vila de Gràcia district, the heart of the Gràcia neighborhood, and to the east of Sagrada Familia neighborhood, presided over by Gaudì’s masterpiece of the same name. This area tends to be quiet and residential, and is home to mainly locals. From here, you can easily access many bars and restaurants within walking distance.

It’s also not far away from the Barcelona international airport, El Prat. There are public transportation options available, or you can catch a taxi, which will take you approximately half n hour. A cab to get you to the Barcelona airport from Camp d’en Grassot will cost around €30.

What makes Camp d’en Grassot property desirable

For locals and expats alike, the Gràcia area overall has long been an attractive option. The area is close to the city center but still retains its own feel. The Camp d’en Grassot area provides a tranquil living environment while still being near plenty of things to do.

One of the most popular locations for a Camp d’en Grassot property is near Joanic metro station. The reason is, that this area is the nearest to the central area of the Gràcia district. Passeig de Sant Joan is another highlight of the area, as a large, semi-pedestrian street locals enjoy for walking and jogging.

Many of the buildings in this area of Gràcia are larger than the properties available in the more central parts of the district. A Camp d’en Grassot property may feature high ceilings and plenty of windows, making for comfortable and beautiful homes. As a residential area, you can expect plenty of amenities in the area.

What you can expect from living in Camp d’en Grassot

Camp d’en Grassot properties tend to be selected by locals, with a fairly small international population that tends to come mostly from Italy, France, and the U.K. This residential area of the city is nearby two of the city’s more popular districts (Vila de Gràcia and and Sagrada Familia). However, it still manages to be off the beaten path. This makes for pleasant and tranquil living.

The highlight of Camp d’en Grassot is La Sedeta, a former silk factory that today hosts a variety of activities as a civic center and a school. The neighborhood also features the lovely l’Estrella market, ideal for picking out choice ingredients to cook up a delicious meal. Don’t forget to pop by the Inmaculado Corazón de María church either to enjoy its beautiful architecture.

For those looking to get some exercise, the Europa FC soccer field and sports center provide an excellent place to enjoy fresh air and moving about. The third-division team Club Deportiva Europa plays here. You could also head up to the nearby Parc del Guinardó to enjoy some greenery, or go for a run on the semi-pedestrian Passeig de Sant Joan.

There are quite a few art galleries in Camp d’en Grassot, including lefreak, WTA – Werner Thöni Artspace (focused on emerging artists), and the BCM Art Gallery. For those particularly interested in art, there are plenty more galleries in the general Gràcia area.

Living as a local in Camp d’en Grassot

Barcelona’s dining scene leaves you spoilt for choice for good restaurants. One nearby Camp d’en Grassot is Bardeni-Caldeni, styled like an old-fashioned butcher’s shop and featuring excellent meat dishes. For those more interested in a wider range of dishes, try Lata-Berna de Juanjo, a curious vintage restaurant in the nearby Vila de Gràcia.

The highlight of the year in Camp d’en Grassot is the district’s annual Festa Major de Camp d’en Grassot. Usually, ittakes place in late June to early July. Residents from around the neighborhood come together for a celebration that includes music, food, and fun for the whole family. The hub of the festival is the La Sedeta civic center.

There are lots of reasons to consider buying a Camp d’en Grassot property. If you’d like to be close to plenty of exciting things going on in the city yet at the same time enjoy your peace and quiet, this part of the Gràcia district is ideal for you. Why not take a look and see what your future home could look like?

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