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One of the greenest areas in Barcelona, providing excellent views of the city center.

The complete guide to Vallcarca Penitents property

The district of Gracia may be the smallest in Barcelona, but it’s packed with personality. One popular neighborhood to live in this area is Vallcarca Penitents. A relaxed residential area, people choose Vallcarca Penitents property for its lovely location at the footsteps of the Collserola hills.

Vallcarca Penitents sits above the Vila de Gracia neighborhood and next to El Coll and La Salut. This part of the Gracia district borders Sarria to the south and Horta Guinardo to the north. It also borders the rolling Collserola hills, an ideal place to enjoy sweeping views of the cityscapes below.

To reach the Barcelona El Prat international airport from Vallcarca Penitents, it can take as little as fifteen minutes by car or taxi. There are also public transportation options that take about half an hour from the city centre, including bus, trains and metro.

Living in a Vallcarca Penitents property

Vallcarca Penitents sits in a hilly upper area of the Gràcia district. This part of the city attracts a mix of people from all over the world, from lifelong locals to those from further ashore. Overall, about 15% of Gracia’s residents hail from abroad. In Vallcarca Penitents, this figure is slightly lower, at 12.3% of the population. This is the third most-populated part of the Gracia district.

The Vallcarca Penitents area begins at Lesseps square, where you’ll find the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Gracia y San Jose. You’ll find another pretty church at the Anunciación church (formerly San Jorge). You can also find a few grand mansions with modernist details in the area.

What’s a typical Vallcarca Penitents property like? There’s lots to choose from in this area of Barcelona. Many properties located on streets that gently slope upwards give you scenic views of the city. You can also find Vallcarca Penitents property on the edges of Parc Guell, with easy access to the Gaudi-designed park.

What locals love about Vallcarca Penitents

The very best of Vallcarca Penitents property features excellent views of Barcelona’s city centre. You can also find properties near some of the city’s top green spaces, making for pleasant places to stroll. The neighborhood is just outside the city center, but well-connected with the most central parts of Barcelona. Here, the population from abroad largely comes from Italy, with substantial populations from France and the U.K. as well.

You can find many pretty churches and plazas in Vallcarca Penitents. Among these are the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Gracia y San Jose and the Anunciacion. Don’t forget to take a glance at the Casa Comas d’Argemir and the Casa Marsans, both beautiful mansions with unusual modernist details. The area also hosts quite a few pieces of public art and sculptures.

To explore the greener side of city life, this area of the city lies within comfortable walking distance to many parks and gardens. Among these include the nearby Creuta del Coll park (in the Coll district), the Turo del Putxet park, and, of course, Parc Guell. All feature many trails where you can enjoy cycling, walking, or running.

There are many art galleries to enjoy in the overall Gracia district, with the one nearest to Vallcarca Penitents the H2O gallery. You can also find many more to enjoy along the Vila de Gràcia street Verdi. Neighboring district of Sarrià homes many upscale art galleries, including Francesc Metre Art, Tanseem Gallery, and Fifty Dots Gallery.

The taste of local culture

You can also enjoy top-notch dining around Vallcarca Penitents. Head to Plaça Dr. Andreu for an unforgettable dining experience at La Venta, housed inside the terminal for the old-fashioned Tramvia Blau. The food here is anything but old-fashioned, with up-to-date takes on local favorites. You can also try getting a table at ABaC, Jordi Cruz’s creative restaurant with two Michelin stars.

The top moment in the calendar year for Vallcarca Penitents is its Festa Major, which takes place in the first half of September every year. This provides an excellent chance to enjoy local traditions in action. You can also visit the citywide traditional festival in late September, La Mercé.

Are you convinced that a Vallcarca Penitents property is for you? Locals and expats alike find many reasons to love this part of Barcelona. You can start looking for your future home right now.

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Hero picture by Bruno Leveque via Flickr