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Residential streets surrounding the iconic Gaudí’s masterpiece

The complete guide to Sagrada Familia property

When you hear the words “Sagrada Familia”, chances are good you probably think of Antoni Gaudí’s iconic church with its twisting spires. But did you know that the name also refers to a district of Barcelona? Actually, for many residents in the city, Sagrada Familia property offerings are some of the most attractive in the city. This area of the city is highly liveable and features plenty of beautiful architecture. Alongside the hustle and bustle of visitors admiring Gaudí’s still-to-be-completed masterpiece, there are plenty of great places to live.

Location of the Sagrada Familia neighborhood

Bordered by the large Eixample district, the lively Gràcia area, and near the up-and-coming districts near Clot and Glòries, you’ll find the Sagrada Familia. This means that no matter what sort of things you’re looking to do in Barcelona, you’ll find all of them near the Sagrada Familia district. It’s popular with visitors because of its location near the church of the same name, but many locals, including international residents, love this district too.

One upside of the major tourist sight in the middle of the Sagrada Familia neighborhood is that it means the district is well-connected to the rest of the city. The easiest option to get to and from the airport offers the public transportation.  Both, the train that leaves from Passeig de Gràcia or the Aerobus from Plaça Catalunya take about 30 minutes. There is also no shortage of taxis in the Sagrada Familia area, and a trip to the Barcelona airport runs about €30 and takes under half an hour.

Sagrada Familia property is often snapped up quickly, as many people are drawn in by the attraction of living close to the Sagrada Familia.  The church isn’t scheduled to be completed until 2026, and its completion will surely make the area even more attractive.

There are plenty of pretty corners of the neighborhood to be found just steps away from the tourist hub, with local services and a homey feel.

Sagrada Familia property: why it’s attractive right now

The well-known area of the district is the square surrounding the Sagrada Familia church. Flanked by parks on either side, it’s a popular space for visitors to take in views of the architectural wonder, as well as for locals to kick back and relax. However, it’s not the only worthwhile part of the neighborhood.

If you’re interested in Barcelona’s thriving technological scene, then you may want to take a look at Glòries apartments. This area is right in the heart of the up-and-coming tech and business area of the city and features many opportunities to be on the cutting edge of what’s happening in Barcelona.

If your style is more modernist, then consider looking into Sant Pau apartments. Just up the street from the Sagrada Familia is another stunning architectural work: the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. It’s just as impressive but less well-known, making the surrounding streets an excellent area to live in. Nearby Dos de Mayo is also a good area to find Sagrada Familia property.

Many of buildings and properties you’ll find here were factories in the early 19th century that have since been transformed. The start of Gaudí’s church project has only made the area more enticing. Today, the Sagrada Familia district is filled with residential areas, with a smattering of offices belonging to both local and international companies. There are plenty of amenities for both the short and long-term resident.

Living local in a Sagrada Familia property

Living in the Sagrada Familia neighborhood offers plenty to do year round. Because of the mixture, it has of residential, touristic, and business interests, there’s a wide variety of options available throughout the year. The two biggest points of interest are the Sagrada Familia and the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, both of which feature activities throughout the year to get locals involved as well as visitors.

One popular place for locals to enjoy the neighborhood is on the tree-lined Avinguda Gaudí. The street starts at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site and continues on until the Sagrada Familia. This means it offers beautiful views no matter where you are on the mostly pedestrian avenue. The terrace bars and cafés fill the center part of the street.

If you’d rather get a bit of fresh air and exercise, then the Sagrada Familia features plenty of spaces for jogging and walking. The area near Glòries is also good for accessing the beaches.

There are also a handful of good restaurants and bars in the area. One stop is La Paradeta, which serves fresh seafood. While not fancy, the quality is high. Just outside the district is the excellent Manairó, with contemporary Catalan cuisine. For meat lovers, try Bardeni-Caldeni, styled like an old butcher’s shop and featured in Michelin Guide. If you can, get a seat at the chef’s table. If you’re more in the mood for drinks than dining, then there’s no better place than the rooftop bar at the Hotel Ayre Rosseló for spectacular cityscapes.

The taste of local culture

If you choose a Sagrada Familia property, you’ll be able to enjoy events throughout the year. There are often artistic light shows projected onto the façade of the church to mark special occasions. You can also enjoy the annual La Mercé festival in September. It celebrates the city’s patron saint and includes many activities near the Sagrada Familia. During the Christmas season, there are special events at the church and a popular Christmas market.

In sum, the Sagrada Familia area of Barcelona might appear to only be interesting to tourists at first glance. But this vibrant neighborhood offers plenty going on that’s appealing to visitors, residents, and businesses alike. Why not enjoy living near some of the most outstanding architecture in the entire world?

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