Stefania Rossini: ideal properties and complete valuations with CASAFARI

Stefania Rossini, Agente di Parte, ERREMIDIA

Stefania Rossini got to know CASAFARI through Linkedin. Two things caught her attention at that moment: the extensive mapping of the properties in the Italian market and the young team that worked in our company. 

After a pleasant first contact, in which she got to know experienced, gentle and non-invasive professionals, Stefania knew she had found the ideal combination: the platform and the people. 

Let’s see what she has to say about her experience with CASAFARI so far.

From finding a property to valuating: CASAFARI to boost the full cycle

Stefania has the intention of disseminating the role of Buyer’s Agent, not widely known in Italy, while still establishing herself as a consultant for both private buyers and businesses. And, according to her, CASAFARI is proving to be an excellent ally to help her accomplish this goal.

The first way our tool helps Stefania is in finding the perfect property for her clients, which is a big part of her work and something that took her many hours before because she had to go through many different portals and listings.

“With a nationwide search on a single platform, I solved my biggest problem: time. CASAFARI allows me to handle more customers at the same time and increase my business.”

Stefania Longo Rossini, Buyer’s Agent at Erremedia

And, since she has different clients and tasks to handle, another product that comes in handy is our Alerts. This product allows estate agents to define their criteria and be notified instantly when a new property that matches their client’s needs is put on the market, never losing a good opportunity.

In her own words: “the search for a specific property is often interrupted by many daily activities. Alerts help me to keep the focus on the search and to show the client that I am thinking about them, that I have found a new solution to offer them.”

Another product that’s part of Stefania’s daily routine is the Property Valuation tool. Our property valuation calculator finds the closest comparables of a property, based on both location and its characteristics, suggesting an accurate market price.

Once the valuation is done, the estate agent also can customise a valuation report with extra information and their branding, to send to clients and explain why that property is worth buying and for how much.

“CASAFARI helps me create accurate reports, to be seen as reliable, to run up-to-date market analyses and to find out the history of properties on the market. It also helps me to valuate and buy properties, receiving a positive feedback from clients.”

Stefania Longo Rossini, Buyer’s Agent at Erremedia

Results that showed in only three months

But what is most important is to understand if, in addition to making Stefania’s work easier, CASAFARI also ensured more and better deals for her business. And we’re glad to see that our platform did not disappoint!

In solely three months working with CASAFARI, Stefania tells us that she acquired at least five important properties thanks to reports made with our valuation tool. She added detailed information and attached documentations, both possibilities that our reports allow, to make them even more customised to her clients’ needs.

Also, she was able to remain in charge of the property sourcing for two different clients, both deals that will soon become consultancy services. 

And, what’s more remarkable is that even her clients can feel the improvement in her services! Stefania even received compliments from very meticulous clients about the quality of her property valuations, something that acts as a boost for the confidence of any professional.

That’s exactly what CASAFARI is here for, to organise real estate market data in a way that supports real estate businesses, ensuring that they can both provide the best service to their clients and increase their revenues. Thanks for sharing your accomplishments and opinions with us, Stefania!

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