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A quiet way of life tucked away in the Portuguese interior

Get to know Bragança district

Away from the bustling tourist hotspots of Lisbon and Porto, you can find the northeastern district of Bragança, a region on the border with Spain with a population of around 150,000. Bragança district offers a traditional Portuguese lifestyle amongst beautiful natural scenery.

braganza district casafari metasearch

Photo by M.Peinado via Flickr

Bragança district is mainly comprised of villages that are ideal for second home buyers looking for a quieter lifestyle. Given its location off the beaten tourist track, the region offers a beautiful lifestyle at a much lower cost of living. The centuries-old architecture is complemented by stunning rural views, especially around the national parks of Montesinho and Arribes del Duero. If you are interested in property in Bragança, the lower prices here signal extremely good value for money.

Bragança district is divided into twelve municipalities, including the city that shares the same name. Other main municipalities include Miranda do Douro, where the Douro river separates the local residents from their Spanish neighbours, and Mirandela, a city well known for its traditional cuisine.

Braganza district casafari metasearch

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In and around Bragança district

Bragança enjoys a mild climate with average highs of almost thirty degrees in the summer months and lows of ten degrees during the winter. When you are looking for summer activities, Montesinho Natural Park is a wonderful protected area that extends beyond the Portuguese border into Spain. There is also the Arribes del Duero National Park in the south of the district. Sites of interest outside of the region include Porto or even the historic Santiago de Compostela, across the northern Portuguese border in the Spanish region of Galicia.

Tucked away in the Portuguese interior, Bragança offers a quiet way of life. If you are looking for property amongst gorgeous nature that is away from busy urban tourist centres, Bragança district is a great place to start.

Hero picture by M.Peinado via Flickr