Full of fascinating Portuguese culture and history

Where is Braga?

In the north of Portugal, towards the border with Spain, you can find the beautiful Braga district. Comprising fourteen municipalities, the lifestyle here is set against a backdrop of fascinating national history, culture and architecture. Owning a property in Braga means living in and around incredible relics of the Portuguese past.

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Photo by Turismo En Portugal via Flickr

The population of Braga district is just over 830,000. Those interested in Braga property will be pleased to know that they will get quite good value for money here. Quaint country houses against stunning rural backdrops are what you can expect from property in this part of Portugal.

Braga city, in the centre of the district, is thought to be one of the oldest cities in the country. It is well known for its cobbled streets and Roman architecture that give it a rich historical feel that you will never grow tired of. Braga city streets are full of local shops and brands, and second home buyers wanting to pursue their own small business should get good custom here. The city is also home to the esteemed higher education institution, the University of Minho.

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Why choose Braga?

Braga’s proximity to Porto and the Spanish region of Galicia means that it is the optimum location for some unforgettable getaways. Guimaraes, towards the south of Braga district, is believed to be the birthplace of Portugal – and the city’s beautiful character indeed lives up to this honour. Meanwhile, the breathtaking Peneda-Geres National Park in the north is an ideal spot for hiking trails and simply being in touch with nature. If you love Portugal for its rural simplicity and tradition, you will love Braga.

Braga is a district full of fascinating culture and history. Living here puts you at the heart of the region’s identity and well-placed to enjoy peace and tranquility with a high quality of life.

Hero picture by Pedro via Flickr