Cirav: increase in conversions with detailed valuations

Alberto Filippo Civelli - CEO and Co-founder CIRAV

Alberto Filippo Civelli, CEO and Co-founder of Cirav Real Estate Trader, met CASAFARI through Linkedin when his company looked for a real estate software. They needed an up-to-date tool that granted them access to an exhaustive real estate database and provided their team with analyses, property valuations and data-driven conclusions.

No wonder why CASAFARI is now their data provider of choice! Let’s see how Cirav’s estate agents are benefitting from our products!

Data-based property valuations to enable business deals

In order to valuate their properties or the ones Cirav’s agents wished to gather to their portfolio, they had access to a trio of products that took their valuation reports to another level. 

With Comparative Market Analysis, the agents get an accurate suggested market price for the property, based on comparable ones with similar locations and characteristics. All of it in just a few minutes, something appreciated by Alberto and his team, since a valuation like this took hours to be done manually.

The second step is done in Market Analytics, where Cirav’s team can see how many similar properties entered or left the market recently, price fluctuations for this asset type and other statistics that help the agent understand what is happening on the market to justify such valuation.

And, finally, Property Sourcing also comes in handy: inside the property page, any Cirav agent can check all the history of the property they’re valuating. From this information, they can see eventual price decreases, get insights about what happened to that property in the past and prepare for potential negotiations with the seller.

Something that could be a complex process is made in minutes thanks to CASAFARI’s complete database, a trait highlighted by Alberto Civelli. We count with over 310 million listings, sourced from more than 30,000 property portals, estate agencies’ websites, banks and more. Combined and processed by our platform, all this data turns into golden insights for our clients.

How CASAFARI’s market analysis helps estate agents sell more and faster

New ways to find comparable properties with CASAFARI

But the question that remains is: has all this technology changed Cirav’s agents’ work for the better? Was this investment in technology worth it? According to their Co-founder, the answer is a resounding YES!

“The feedback has been very positive. One can run detailed property valuations, while it also helps agents in their daily tasks related to customer acquisition, follow-ups, values, changes in prices, etc.“

Alberto Filippo Civelli, CEO and Co-founder of Cirav Real Estate Trader

So, more than just saving time on daily tasks, our products ensured that Cirav’s agents had the right arguments to convince sellers both to work with them and to sell their properties according to the strategy proposed.

And when it comes to numbers, the results were equally good. “Certainly the conversion of our valuations went up by 25% compared to the way we did it previously”, he affirmed.

That’s the aim of CASAFARI’s products, to provide useful, relevant, clean and concise data, enabling insightful decisions and faster deals for Cirav and all our clients!

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