Divine Home: a streamlined workflow with CASAFARI CRM

Chantal Bruining - Director Divine Home

Divine Home has been working with CASAFARI CRM for nearly 10 years and is one of our platform’s oldest clients. When they first got in touch with us, the company needed a new CRM that was both intuitive for their team to use and that could integrate with other elements of their business, in order to streamline the workflow.

Nowadays, Chantal Bruining, Director of Divine Home, tells us that CASAFARI CRM “helps form the backbone of our business, with a user-friendly interface that integrates seamlessly with our website and external partner portals”.

See what Divine Home has to say about this fruitful and long-lasting partnership.

A real estate CRM to stay in close touch with the clients

One of the points that Chantal highlighted about the use of our platform is the optimisation of the communication flow with the client. In this sense, CASAFARI CRM will:

  • automatically suggest new properties that meet the client’s requirements;
  • seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar.

These features allow Divine Home to create focused marketing campaigns and to book viewings that are exported to the estate agent’s agenda, improving the sales process.

“CASAFARI has helped optimise our workflow from a client-first enquiry with the company throughout the complete sales process. It has made it easier to integrate other elements of the business, including marketing and administration, and created a faster, more transparent flow.”

Chantal Bruining, Director of Divine Home

Increase the efficiency of your daily tasks with CASAFARI CRM!

Another relevant update for CASAFARI CRM that changed the game for Divine Home over the course of the years was the integration of CASAFARI data. It allowed estate agents to enhance their real estate prospection, easily create property valuation reports and made collaboration with other agencies a more seamless process.

Trencadís Real Estate: better results in less than 6 months with CASAFARI CRM

And do you remember Chantal needed an intuitive tool? Divine Home’s agents should not feel confused or overwhelmed when trying to work on their daily tasks, especially because in real estate time matters! About the matter of the user experience, she says:  

“The interface is very user-friendly and can be accessed on any computer or through the app on a tablet or handheld. Training on the system is easy as it requires very basic computer skills to learn.”

Chantal Bruining, Director of Divine Home

This is important for CASAFARI CRM because we want to provide a platform that helps agencies increase their efficiency. Technology can’t be a burden, it must come to improve the productivity of your everyday work, right?

Thank you for your words, Chantal, and here’s to many more years to come of our partnership!

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Increase the efficiency of your daily tasks with CASAFARI CRM!

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