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The foodie district

Everything you need to know about Sant Antoni, Ibiza

A few years ago, Sant Antoni property might have gone overlooked in Barcelona. But things have certainly shifted here recently. Now, Sant Antoni is one of the hottest areas in the city for creative types. Filled to bursting with cafés, art galleries, and quirky restaurants, there’s plenty to keep anyone entertained in Sant Antoni. As a bonus, the location is right next to much of the city’s cultural hotspots. With a future only looking to get better, there’s never been a better time to look for a Sant Antoni apartment.

Sant Antoni sits neatly sandwiched in between the Eixample, the Raval, and Poble Sec districts. This means it’s easy to access many different parts of the city from Sant Antoni, whether you’d like to see the contemporary art galleries of the Raval or explore the grand tree-lined avenues of the Eixample. Nearby Poble Sec retains a village-like feel, and is home to a thriving tapas scene. The area is popular with expats and locals alike, though it tends to be home to more locals.

Sant Antoni is easily accessible from just about anywhere in Barcelona, with plenty of public transportation and lots of taxis available. Getting to the Barcelona airport from Sant Antoni is easy, as the neighborhood’s outer limits are two big streets – Gran Via and Parallel. Both provide quick access to the airport, with travel time at under half an hour. A taxi fare will run you about €25-€30.

What makes properties in Sant Antoni popular?

Sant Antoni may be a small neighborhood, but it’s one that has a lot to offer. Due to its enviable location and buzzing social scene, Sant Antoni property may not stay on the market for very long. The area features a central location combined with wide streets and lots of well-lit apartments, which can be tricky to find in older neighborhoods of the city.

The centerpiece of the neighborhood is the Sant Antoni Market, a wrought-iron structure from the 19th century. The market is currently undergoing a big construction project to update the structure and breathe new life into it. When finished, the area around the market will open up to create more pedestrian space.

Perhaps the most popular location for apartments in Sant Antoni is Carrer de Parlament, the epicenter of Barcelona’s brunch scene. Filled with tapas bars, old-fashioned bodegas, and achingly hip cafés, this is where the city’s coolest come to show off their trendy rags while sitting on a sunny streetside terrace.

The buildings you’ll find here often feature lots of natural light, as they were built as part of the Expansion (Eixample) project, designed to create highly livable spaces for residents. Many have been recently updated given the Sant Antoni district’s rising popularity. As a mostly residential neighborhood, there are lots of essential amenities around the area to make living comfortable. You won’t find overpriced souvenir shops here; this is a district for the living.

What’s it like to live in Sant Antoni, Barcelona

The Sant Antoni neighborhood has a long history of being a residential area, though in recent year it has attracted a wider range of attention for its social scene, drawing in more visitors. Still, it remains a primarily residential area. The focal point of the district is the Mercat de Sant Antoni. While the original structure gets updated, locals do their regular shopping at a temporary pop-up market across the street on Ronda de Sant Antoni

This same street also has a selection of bars and cafes, many with sidewalk terraces where you can soak up the Mediterranean sun as you dine. The sleek Fàbrica Mortiz beer factory is one of the hottest spots on the street. Transformed into a chic cultural and gastronomic center, it features events going on throughout the year. Carrer Parlament also has plenty of spots to grab a bite to eat.

There are plenty of bike paths in the neighborhood, and a few squares that are good for enjoying. While there isn’t a large park in Sant Antoni, you could get on the metro to visit the leafy green Ciutadella Park in just a few stops.

Sant Antoni – the foodie district

There are plenty of dining options in Sant Antoni, many of which are focused on the booming brunch scene. Amongst these, Federal reigns supreme, though Taranna and Cometa give it a good run for its money. For something more local, stop in at Sirvent for a glass of horchata, or pop into Lolita for top-notch tapas. And if you’re looking to truly treat yourself, this is where you’ll find Albert Adrià’s famous Tickets restaurant here. If you can’t get a seat, try going to Alkimia, which serves some of the city’s finest seafood.

A property in Sant Antoni provides plenty of opportunities to socialize throughout the year. There are plenty of gallery and restaurant openings happening all year round because of the city’s cool vibe. You can also sometimes catch film festivals at the Fàbrica Mortiz, or in the nearby Raval district. Sant Antoni also has an annual celebration for the neighborhood, which takes place in mid-January. Curiously, people bring their pets to be blessed at the event. The Tres Tombs parade is also a highlight of the festival.

Are you considering buying a Sant Antoni property? This area of Barcelona holds plenty to keep your attention. If you’d like to be amongst the city’s hippest and coolest, then this is the place to be right now. You’ll be right in the middle of the cultural action, giving you easy access to the pulse of what’s going on in Barcelona.

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