Smartlinks: Effortlessly Share Customizable Real Estate Insights

Smartlinks by Casafari empower real estate agents to share detailed and customizable property information with their clients seamlessly.

Whether you want to showcase property details, market trends, or personalized reports, Smartlinks provide a flexible and professional way to communicate valuable insights.

  • Customize your content to include or exclude specific data such as price changes or time on the market.
  • Generate professional reports branded with your agency's logo and photos for a polished look.
  • Use interactive maps to help clients visualize property locations with detailed information.
  • Track performance to monitor engagement and optimize your sharing strategy.

Tailor Your Reports for Maximum Impact

Smartlinks allow you to decide exactly what information to share. Whether it’s price changes or time on the market, you have complete control.

Additionally, generate professional reports that include your agency’s branding, ensuring a consistent and professional look. client preferences.

Customize your content

  • Include or exclude specific data such as price changes or time on the market.
  • Highlight the most relevant information for your clients.

Generate professional reports

  • Add your agency’s logo and photos.
  • Create polished, branded presentations that impress clients

Engage Clients with Interactive Maps and Insights

With Smartlinks, you can provide clients with interactive maps that help them visualize property locations. Plus, monitor the performance of your Smartlinks to understand client engagement and refine your strategy.

Help customers plan ahead

  • Include detailed property information and maps.
  • Help clients get a better sense of the location and surrounding area.

Track performance

  • Track the performance of each Smartlink.
  • Measure client interest and optimize your sharing strategy.

Share via multiple channels

  • Easily share Smartlinks via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more.
  • Reach your clients on their preferred communication platforms.


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