Esporles real estate market is surrounded by unspoilt nature.




Hideaway in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains with spectacular countryside views

Towns and villages of the Esporles Region

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Esporles is located in the west of Mallorca

Daily sunshine hours

Esporles is pleased with the abundance of sunshine with the average of 8 hours in spring and 6 hours of the sun per day in autumn and winter. In summer months, you can expect to enjoy 10 hours of daily sunshine.

Average day/night temperature

The climate of Esporles municipality is slightly more humid than in coastal areas and there is sometimes snow in winter. Still, it is characterized by warm and dry summers and mild winters. August is the hottest month in Esporles with the average maximum temperature of 31°C. The coldest months are January and February when the average maximum temperature is 15°C. The driest months are typically June, July, and August with 9.3% chance of rain in average. The wettest month is November with 39% chance of rain.

Wind direction distribution during the year (%)

The surrounding mountains shelter Esporles from the Nordic Tramuntana wind and cold and wet winds that blow during the winter from the coast. The windiest month in Esporles is March with the highest chance of windy days (15%). The least windy months are from June to September with 4% wind chance in average.

Average sea temperature

The sea temperature in coastal areas around Esporles has a range from 16°C in April up to 26°C in August. The average water temperature throughout the year is 19.4°C and the best time for marine activities is late summer.