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Charming Andalusian region to play golf all year round

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Marbella West is located in the western part of Costa del Sol, facing the Mediterranean sea

Daily sunshine hours

The region is pleased with the abundance of sun, with 6-9 hours in spring, 6-8hours in autumn and 6-7 hours of the sun per day in winter. In summer, you can expect to enjoy 11 hours of the sunshine per day. In general, the weather in West Marbella is very warm and sunny. The residents and holiday visitors of this area benefit from about 320 sunny days what is ideal for playing golf all year around.

Average day/night temperature

The region is typical for hot summers and mild winters with relatively little rain. The hottest month in Marbella is July when the average daily temperature often rises to 29°C. On the other side, January is considered to be the coldest month. However, even in winter, the average temperature is about 15-16 °C. November is the wettest month with an average of 115mm of rain. Rainfall is insignificant for the rest of the year, with many months often seeing no rain at all. July and August are the driest months with an average of 2-5mm of rain. The best time to visit the cities around and go for walks and hikes corresponds to the months of April, May, and October when the weather is already warm enough but not too hot. On the other hand, summer months from June to September are the best for the beach holiday.

Wind direction distribution during the year (%)

Thanks to the mountain range surrounding the region, Marbella West has its own specific mild micro-climate. It keeps its average temperature of 19ºC throughout the year including the winter. In addition, it mitigates the wind typical for surrounding regions.

Average sea temperature

Due to the infiltration of water from the Atlantic, the sea can be very cold. The temperature ranges from16 to 20°C from the late autumn to spring. In June and July, the water heats up to 20-23°C The end of the summer and beginning of autumn is considered to be the best time for water activities and to swim int he sea. The water is the warmest in August and September - after the hot days during the season, and reach 24°C.