Sant Agusti des Vedra property buyers praise scenic views of the area.




Pretty small town with amazing calas and spectacular views over the west

One of the tiniest and most charming villages in the southern part of the island, Sant Agusti des Vedra (or San Agustin) is a perfect spot for those looking for a quieter area in Ibiza. Sant Agusti des Vedra property offers a great lifestyle for those who seek a tranquil lifestyle.

Sant Agusti des Vedra property insights

Sant Agusti is among the best-preserved and untouched by tourism villages on the island, where only a few buildings that cluster around its centre are changing the landscape of the town. Nevertheless, for property buyers, this unspoilt and picturesque area, surrounded by the hillside of olive, almond and carob trees, is dotted with some large villas as well.

Why Sant Agusti des Vedra property?

The village sits on a hilltop and boasts incredible scenery across the coastline to the neighbouring beaches of Port des Torrent and Cala Bassa. From the hill, you also see the surrounding fields growing vines, which are used to produce a great quality homemade red wine.

Sant Agusti des Vedra property buyers enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the area.Michela Simoncini, Cala Bassa (CC BY 2.0)

The full name, Sant Agusti des Vedra, refers to the magical island rearing up out of the sea at the coast of Cala d’Hort. Approaching the cliff to see the sunset in front of the silhouette of the 381 metres high Es Vedra is one of the best attractions.

Sant Agusti des Vedra property market is surrounded by natural beauty of the island.Bas Boerman, Es Vedrà (CC BY-NC 2.0)

In a close proximity from Sant Agustí, you also find one of the most renowned sunset spots, the beach of Cala Conta (or Cala Comte). Small and rocky, it is among the less developed beaches, mostly favoured by a laid-back and local crowd of families and hippies. It is notable for the breathtaking views as the sun slowly melts into the sea.

Sant Agusti des Vedra property market is surrounded by many beautiful beaches.Bas Boerman, Cala Comte (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Set on the coastline with the blue waters of Cala Comte, Sunset Ashram is the most bohemian hotspot on Ibiza. This beach restaurant is a beautiful place to enjoy this amazing sunset and delicious Indian cuisine.

Nothing altered simple, yet beautiful, architecture of the village. In its centre, you find the 19th-century parish church that provides incredible views over the western part of Ibiza.

Across the Plaza Major, you also find a parish house, located at the backside of the church, the stone tower, and the ”casas payesas” (traditional Ibicean houses). In one of the town’s terraces, you can watch the wonderful sunset.

In the main square, there are also few nice eateries serving traditional food. In the evenings, it turns into an excellent place for enjoying local cuisine in one of the restaurants with a pleasant and romantic atmosphere.
One of the highlights is Can Berri Vell set in a typical country home, featuring typical Mediterranean dishes and authentic ambience.

If you crave for some culture, the place worth visiting is the art gallery of Can Berri that features the Ibiza-inspired paintings.

For one week in August, the village celebrates the St. Augustine festivity with various events and performances of folk dance and tasting of the typical Ibizan food products.

San Agustín is one of the examples of a well-preserved rural Ibiza. If you are seeking for quietness and would like to enjoy the true essence of the island, this charming village in the island’s interior is for you.

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