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Historical Landmarks and Vinho Verde Await



Paredes Property Guide

Not far from the city of Porto lies the peaceful Paredes with its beautiful historical landmarks and lush nature waiting to be explored. Paredes is part of the Metropolitan area of Porto, but far from being highly urbanized, the municipality is more vibrant in nature with its forests and vineyards. Paredes is relatively small with a population of 80,000 citizens divided throughout eighteen civil parishes. As the Porto Region grows, Paredes property is becoming more appealing to international buyers. 

The area is close enough to Porto to benefit from its economic and cultural activities while keeping a vital connection with nature and rural activities.

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Acquiring a Paredes Property 

In the past years, several policies have been implemented to make Portugal an attractive investment for international citizens.

The tax benefit program NHR (non-habitual-residents) that appeals to Europeans and the “Golden visa” targeted to Non-EU/EFTA nationals are popular examples of this initiative that is contributing to the rapid growth of Portugal as a favorite country for international investments.

Leisure in Paredes

From golfing to hiking to a mountain tour in a buggy, Paredes offers excellent outdoor activities.

The local golf club “Paredes Golf Clube” is active since 1995 and has been maintaining its field and installation in excellent condition. Furthermore, it hosts several tournaments throughout the year.

paredes property guide

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Hiking or buggy touring in Paredes is a great opportunity to get to know the city as well as its wildlife and untouched nature. Trails like “Percurso da peregrinação” and “Caminhos de Sobrosa” will show you the best Paredes has to offer in terms of nature and historical heritage. A Paredes property will give you access to many activities and you will always have the feeling that there is something to do.

Wine is an integral part of the Northern Region of Portugal and Paredes isn’t different to this as it is part of the “Região Demarcada do Vinho Verde” or the demarcated region of Green Wine. 

A misconception many people have is that Vinho Verde, as it literally translates to Green Wine, is actually green, but that isn’t the case. Verde in Portuguese can mean both green or young, and the latter is right in the fact of  Vinho Verde, which translates to Young Wine.

Notorious for its production of Vinho Verde, the “Quinta da Bela Vista” is a fantastic estate that produces an exquisite green wine. By visiting it, you have the opportunity to taste the wine, if you so please, while you admire the fantastic vineyards.

paredes property guide

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Another detail to note is that Vinho Verde isn’t a variety of grapes. Instead, it is a DOC (Denominação de Origem Controlada or Denomination of Controlled Origin) which is a protected denomination given only to wine or a product that comes from a specific area of Portugal.

Paredes is also a region with a marvelous culinary tradition as the pastry, and typical dishes deliver unique palatal experiences. You can find this gastronomy well represented in the elegant Michelin-distinguished restaurant “Quinta da Cedovezas,” where you eat dishes like “Cod a Zé do Pipo”, “Duck with Rice” and “Meat with typical cheese.” 

Services and Connectivity

Similarly to other municipalities in the Porto District, Parades is very well connected not only to Porto and to other cities in the district, but also to the rest of the country. The area has a series of motorways, like the A4, A42, and A41, as well as a train station that keeps the Sã Carneiro Airport and the Port of Leixões at 25 minutes from Paredes.

The close proximity to the city of Porto makes its services available to Paredes’s residents, services such as international schools or universities, more luxurious shopping or even more important art galleries or cultural events.

This is not to say that Paredes lacks in services, but that the ones in the region can be complemented by the ones existing in Porto.

Great place to live

A Paredes property or villa is an entry-point to experience the peacefulness and beauty of Portugal. Vineyards detail the countryside and provide a unique wine, the warmness of both the sun and the people, the historical significance of the region and its cultural importance make Paredes a fantastic region to live in.

The area is extremely safe and has a very low crime rate. It is covered by a hospital, multiple police and fire departments.

paredes property guide

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Even if you ever become tired of the peaceful environment in the countryside of Parades, the urbanized areas of the municipality offer fine entertainment and cultural events, although perhaps not at the same level that you can find in the city of Porto.

A Paredes property will enable you to experience all of this and more. If you love wine and have a make-it-yourself approach, you can even plant some vineyards on your property and start making Vinho Verde, which you can’t find anywhere in the world.

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