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A pearl in the middle of lush and green forests


Investing in Marco de Canaveses Property

Marco de Canaveses property is drawing the attention of both international and national investors and second-home buyers. It is located in the district of Porto, but more mainland than the city. Marco de Canaveses has two major rivers that draw out its borders: the Rio Douro and the Rio Tamega. There are a little under 55,000 people living in Marco de Canaveses’ sixteen parishes. Most of them are young adults and working professionals.

Its proximity to the breathtakingly beautiful Serra da Aboboreira is one of the municipality’s charms. It dazzles visitors and has cast the inhabitants under its spell. Marco de Canaveses is known for being a pearl in the middle of the lush green mountainy forest. The two rivers also add charm to the municipality. No wonder the Marco de Canaveses real estate market is getting more attention from all around the globe!

Marco de Canaveses is also considered a great place to raise children and to retire. Here, inhabitants get to experience the fresh air of the northern mountainy forests, while not being too far away from the action in bigger northern cities. This has driven Marco de Canaveses property prices up by quite a bit.

Just like what happens with the rest of the country, Marco de Canaveses is attracting international buyers and investors. Thanks to two tax-benefit programs, the number of international buyers has risen considerably. This can be attributed to the non-habitual tax resident (NHR) and the Golden Visa programs. The former targets citizens from other EU countries. Portugal has seen an increase in the number of Swedish, German, British and French citizens thanks to the NHR. The latter applies to non-EU investors. The Golden Visa has brought to the Marco de Canaveses market many Americans. Both the NHR and the Golden Visa give tax breaks, making Portugal, and Marco de Canaveses, particularly attractive for these investors.

Living in Marco de Canaveses

The sixteen different parishes make living in Marco de Canaveses a very varied experience. Depending on which area of the municipality you choose, you’ll get to enjoy different aspects of the lifestyle. But there’s one thing you can count on. You can expect to be living in a place with high-quality air surrounded by nature. From the awe-inspiring Serra (mountainy forest) to the refreshing rivers of Douro and Tâmega, you’ll be in close contact with nature.

It’s also worth mentioning that some of Portugal’s most influential men were born here. Belmiro de Azevedo, the owner of the country’s biggest supermarket chain and numerous other enterprises, was born and raised here in 1938.

But this doesn’t mean that you’ll be isolated and far away from all major towns and cities. Braga is 65 kilometres away, Porto is 55 kilometres away, and Guimarães only 44 kilometers! With the benefits of living your life out in a quiet part of the country comes the convenience of being close to a metropolis. You can hop on a train or start driving and be in any one of these cities in less than an hour.

Being close to these cities has massive perks. First of all, if you’re a fan of high-quality fine dining experiences, they are only a car ride away. You can go to Porto, for example, and have a royalty-worth meal at a trendy award-winning restaurant whenever you’d like. Or if going to an orchestra concert is something you enjoy, you can do that too in either one of the cities. You can even visit prestigious art galleries and not have to drive for hours!

There are also amazing schools in the municipality. Here you’ll find a wide range of options of schools to pick from. They accept pupils of all ages, from nursery-aged children to high-school-senior young adults. There are even two specialized education schools, dedicated to teaching the art of working with stone, in agriculture, and in archeology. Marco de Canaveses certainly has the right school for your children.

You will also be close to hospitals. The most respected one is called Hospital da Santa Casa da Misericórdia and is located in the heart of the city. You can also easily reach hospitals outside of the municipality. The roads connecting Marco de Canaveses to major northerner cities have been improved every year. You can opt to drive down the A4 to Porto or Amarante or the A11 and be at your destination in no time. There are also trains leaving from Marco de Canaveses operated by Comboios de Portugal (CP).

Getting from the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport to the heart of the city isn’t hard either. Also known as the Porto International Airport, it’s located a mere 60 kilometers away from Marco de Canaveses. You can take the train or, alternatively, drive down the A4. 

As you can tell, there are plenty of incentives to move or invest in a Marco de Canaveses property. This is a quiet and peaceful municipality in the renowned north and has been enchanting more and more investors. From the breathtaking mountains to the invigorating rivers, Marco de Canaveses is becoming key in the Portuguese northern real estate market.

Hero Picture by Pedro via Flickr