Your Real Estate Prospecting, More Efficient Than Ever

Tired of outdated and inefficient real estate prospecting methods? Say hello to CASAFARI Go – the game-changing solution for modern real estate professionals. Prospection 2.0 – all your real estate leads and prospecting efforts in one mobile app.

Proven Prospecting 2.0 Technology

CASAFARI Go is the new generation of real estate prospecting, using cutting-edge technology to replace outdated paper-and-pencil methods. With CASAFARI Go easy-to-use app, you can track your team’s prospecting efforts, measure results, and stay organised in a way that’s never been possible before.

Proven real estate prospecting 2.0
Maximise the teams' productivity

Maximize Your Team’s Productivity

 Make the most of every minute on the job. CASAFARI Go app allows agents to plan their itineraries, take notes and photos at each stop, and even filter by private sellers to obtain new real estate leads and never miss any opportunities.

Plus, the farming zone feature ensures that your agents stay on task and within their designated areas of focus.

Seamless Integration With CASAFARI Real Estate Data

CASAFARI GO app connects with Europe’s largest property database, enabling agents to filter properties on the map by private sellers, partner agencies, and banks, and use the interactive interface for augmented reality property prospecting. This allows agents to secure new listings and find real estate leads faster to stay competitive in the business.

CASAFARI GO's seamless integration with your CRM
CASAFARI GO's advanced analytics and reporting, to measure the results of your prospecting efforts

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Gain insight into your team’s performance and stay on top of your goals with CASAFARI Go’s advanced analytics and reporting features. Track your team’s progress, from agents’ itineraries and distances traveled, to measure the number of opportunities created and closed. Analyse and compare stats by agent or team, and get a clear picture of your team’s results with easy-to-read reports and visualizations.

This data-driven approach includes gamification features that foster healthy competition between agents, which has been shown to be a significant motivator.

Easy-to-use Interface

CASAFARI GO was designed with user experience in mind, providing both an intuitive mobile app and a powerful dashboard on desktop. The app features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in the industry, CASAFARI Go is the perfect tool to help you succeed in real estate prospecting.

CASAFARI GO's easy-to-use interface


Take your team’s real estate prospecting to the next level with CASAFARI Go.

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